We've Had It With Games That Evoke Politics While Denying Their Existence

On today's Waypoint Radio, we're excited about a lot of games—and bullish on political messages in mainstream spaces.
June 25, 2018, 10:42pm
Image courtesy Ubisoft

It's June, and the world is falling apart, but the games are good (mostly), and we all have new and ongoing games to chat about. Austin is playing Mario Tennis: Aces and I held back completely from using a "Love" joke on the podcast. He also played the unfortunate New Gundam Breaker. Rob checks in with his bad nuclear strategies in Manhattan Project and rainy vikings in Ancestor’s Legacy. Patrick is deep into Vampyr lore and enjoying some Hollow Knight on Switch. And I've got kind words for OnRush, Prey, and the very latest from DontNod, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Then, we have a lot to say about a rather heavy bucket question on politics in games.


Discussed: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, Hollow Knight, Manhattan Project, Ancestor’s Legacy, New Gundam Breaker, OnRush, Prey: Mooncrash, Vampyr, The Division, Mario Tennis Aces, politics in AAA games.

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