Gemini, June 2018
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Gemini, June 2018

Happy solar return, Gemini!
illustrated by Nicole Ginelli

Thank goddess: Your ruling planet Mercury will not retrograde this month, Gemini! However, the planet of action, Mars, will retrograde towards the end of the month, finding you rethinking the directions you’re moving in. What else does June have in store? Let’s take a look at your month ahead:

Messenger Mercury makes a lovely connection with not-yet-retrograde Mars on June 1, creating an energetic start to the month and bringing exciting conversations your way. You’ll find yourself stepping out of your usual routine and exploring exciting spaces. Your communication skills have always been enviable, but you’ll be especially confident and expressive early this month—your wit and timing will be extremely sharp.


The Sun and Mercury will meet on June 5. You’ll be feeling especially self-assured, but try not to be a know-it-all. It won’t win you any friends, and anyway, Mercury will square off with Neptune, the planet of confusion (and creativity! It’s not all bad) on June 6, finding you in a bit of a daze. Save highly detail-oriented tasks for another time: The energy will be most conducive for meditation and artistic pursuits.

You’ll feel an energy shift when your ruling planet Mercury enters water sign Cancer on June 12, activating the financial sector of your chart. Expect to discuss money over the next few weeks. Mercury in protective Cancer will also find you thinking and talking about security, both financial and emotional. Cancer isn’t as talkative a sign as you, dear twin; however, it is very intuitive, and as Mercury spends time in this sign, you should make an effort to nurture your own psychic abilities.

This will also be a time where you’ll value actions over words. For example, if your lovers are sending you lots of texts, it won’t mean so much to you—sure, they say you’re the sexiest person they have ever seen, but are they showing up at your door with romantic offerings? It will be the same way at work: Hearing that you’ve done a great job is a fab way to keep morale high at the office, but a gold star isn’t going to pay your rent. You’ve done a lot of talking about what you need and what you want already, while Mercury was in your sign from May 29 until June 12. With Mercury in Cancer, you’re ready to see if people can deliver.


You’ve done a lot of talking about what you need and what you want already. With Mercury in Cancer, you’re ready to see if people can deliver.

There’s a new moon in your sign on June 13, Gemini! New moons are brilliant times for manifestation, so cast a spell for to help achieve your desires. Incorporate the air element (your element) into your magick, perhaps by reading up on various styles of meditative breathing techniques, or by working with sacred smoke. This will be a busy new moon: On the same day, love-and-money Venus will enter attention-loving Leo, and Mercury will connect with Uranus.

Venus’s entry into Leo will bode well for communication; the mood in the conversations you’ll hold with people will be warm, generous, and kind. Mercury’s connection with Uranus will be exciting, too, bringing you unexpected news and boosting your intuitive abilities. If you’ve never sat with a scrying mirror, this new moon in Gemini is a fab time to try it!

You’ll have some difficult conversations on June 15, when Mercury opposes Saturn, the planet of fear and limitation. If you’ve made a major fuck-up recently, you may have a discussion about how to proceed now. The mood will be gloomy. This won’t be the cutest day for a date with a crush. Use the energy productively by focusing on your responsibilities and getting work done!

Neptune begins its retrograde journey through Pisces on June 18. Because Neptune is such a slow planet, and is thus retrograde for a big chunk of the year, astrologers don’t hype it too much. With that said, we’ll feel a shift in energy as hazy, dreamy Neptune changes direction. For you, Gemini, this means you’ll find yourself reimagining the fantasies you hold around fame and popularity, how you want to be remembered by future generations, what sort of achievements you’re hoping for, and the direction of your career.


Mercury makes some easy connections on June 19 and 20, connecting with Jupiter and Neptune, respectively. This will create ease at work and within your career and your financial situation. This is a wonderful time to smooth out issues in your schedule and to discuss plans and payments. Your focus will stay in the financial realm once the Sun enters security conscious Cancer on June 21 (also marking the summer equinox!). Cancer is a sign that’s often thought of as emotional and moody; however, it’s also very concerned with protection and nurturing. How do you take care of yourself, Gemini? How much security—financial and emotional—do you feel in your life? These are questions to consider during Cancer season.

June 23 is another tough day this month: Mercury will oppose Pluto, the planet of secrets, jealousy, and obsession. Watch out for manipulators and shady people! No one can out-bullshit a Gemini… usually… but today, you’ll need to be mindful about who is trying to sell you what, and why. If someone is trying to convince you very hard of something, ask yourself what their motive is. (There’s always a motive with Pluto!) Also be mindful about obsessive thoughts, as well as paranoia. Intense conversations concerning your sex life and your finances are likely to come up now. Pluto is a difficult energy to work with; however, it’s not all bad. It’s also the planet of rebirth! As tense as the energy may be on the 23rd, it’ll be a phenomenal time to work on things in therapy—if you’re ready to be open and honest, that is.

Mars begins its retrograde in fellow air sign Aquarius on June 26, finding you reconsidering your summer travel plans. If you’re in school, Mars retrograde will also find you reorienting what you want to study. On an emotional level, this Mars retrograde will ask you if the causes you’ve been fighting for are still as meaningful to you as they were when you first became passionate about them.

The full moon in Capricorn arrives on June 28, activating a very sensitive sector of your chart and bringing about a climax in your sex life (pun definitely intended). This full moon will be shining down on the sector of your chart that rules sex, debt, death, and taxes—so basically every topic that’s taboo at the dinner table will be cause for big emotions at the end of this month. But this will also be a time for release around these themes. Full moons are all about letting go.

Mercury enters fire sign Leo on June 29, igniting the communication sector of your chart and bringing exciting news your way. Especially surprising information will arrive on June 30, when Mercury squares off with Uranus. A change in plans is likely to arrive, and a conversation you’ve been wanting to have may end up not needing to happen. (Alternatively, since you never know with Uranus, something you thought was obvious may need to be discussed!) Plenty of breakthroughs are likely during this time, and you would be wise to keep a dream journal handy by your bed, too.

Good luck this month, Gemini, and see you in July!