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Extrême droite

Far-Right Group Atalante Visited VICE Offices in Montreal

The Canadian anti-immigration group Atalante tried to intimidate our journalists.

A half-dozen members of Atalante, a far-right anti-immigration group based in Quebec City, burst into the offices of VICE in Montreal around 4 PM on Wednesday afternoon, in an attempt to intimidate our journalists.

Most wore masks in the colours of the fleur-de-lis. Their leader, Raphaël Lévesque, wore sunglasses.

It appears that they made the trek from Quebec City to Montreal for the event, which will soon be on their Facebook page.


When they entered our offices, they offered flowers to the employee who opened the door. They then tossed leaflets and clown noses all over the floor. The group went to my office to offer me a trophy they had tinkered on which read "VICE media trash 2018."

The group reacted to an article published last week that spoke of Atalante's recent clashes, which are becoming more frequent.

Simon Coutu is on Twitter.

This article originally appeared on VICE Quebec.