Extrême droite

Far-Right Extremists Stormed the VICE Office in Montréal

The Canadian anti-immigration group Atalante tried to intimidate our journalists.

A version of this article originally appeared on VICE Québec.

Half a dozen members of Atalante, a far-right anti-immigration group based in Québec City, burst into the VICE office in Montréal around 4PM on Wednesday afternoon, in an attempt to intimidate our journalists.

Most wore masks painted navy blue and white, the colors of the Québec flag. Their leader, Raphaël Lévesque, wore black sunglasses. Evidently, the group had decided it was worth trekking from Québec City to Montréal in order to make a scene.


Upon arriving at the VICE office and offering flowers to the employee who opened the door, the group proceeded to toss leaflets and clown noses all over the floor. They then went to my office to offer me a trophy they had tinkered to read "VICE Garbage Media 2018."

Atalante is a far-right, ultra-nationalist group that opposes Islam and immigration, arguing that it erodes Québec culture and the Canadian national identity. They acted in response to an article published last week that addressed the group's recent public incursions, which have become more frequent and have grown in the number of participants.

Wednesday's incident wasn't the first time a white-nationalist group took issue with VICE's work and visited our office in response. Last year, two ultra-nationalists barged into the VICE Romania office in Bucharest, angry because we had quoted them verbatim in an interview.

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