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A Man Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a Dying Beaver and Let’s Just Burn This World Down

I want off this planet.
Photo via Pixabay

If you clicked on this story, first of all, I’m sorry.

A man was arrested in Kennewick, Washington for allegedly trying to have sex with a dying beaver on Labour Day.

Richard Delp, 35, was charged with animal cruelty and possession of methamphetamine, according to multiple news reports.

In a Facebook post, a woman named Whitney Nycole said she found the beaver after it had been run over. She asked for help saving it.


“I flipped him over so he would walk but his leg is broken. I got him on to a towel that i had in my car and dragged him on it til i got him closer to the pond and out of the way of traffic. Poor guy,” she wrote at around 6 PM local time.

The beaver in question, before the alleged assault. Photo via Facebook user Whitney Nycole

She later posted an update on the beaver’s status. “Hes deceased. I caught a… man having sex with the beaver. Im traumatized!!”

According to Newsweek, Nycole went home to get a box to transport the beaver with—but when she came back she saw a man on the ground next to him with his pants unzipped.

Kennewick Police Department told Newsweek they responded to a “report of a transient male having sexual contact with a wild animal” in Columbia Park on Labour Day.

Delp is reportedly in jail.

Again, I’m so, so sorry.

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