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2014 World Cup Live Blog: Germany Triumphant

VICE News will be bringing you all of the action — from outside of the stadiums — in real time as it unfolds across Brazil.
Image by VICE News

VICE News brings you all the action taking place outside the stadiums as it unfolds across Brazil.

Sunday 7/13 6:00 PM
Germany has triumphed 1-0 over Argentina in the World Cup final, to take home the trophy that has been sitting tantalizingly close within reach on the sidelines. After a thrilling game ended with a 0-0 score, sending the teams into overtime, Germany's Mario Goetze managed to score in the 112th minute to win the 2014 World Cup title for the team. Fans of Brazil are enjoying a modicum of vindication at the defeat of their arch-rivals.


Argentina certainly had their scoring opportunities but couldn't capitalize. In the end it was the Germans who endured and are enjoying their first World Cup title since reunification of their country in 1990.

Next, it's on to Russia for the 2018 World Cup.

Sunday 7/13 2:30 PM
Despite protests fizzling out over the past month as the World Cup got underway, the government has reportedly deployed a security detail of 25,000 soldiers to preside over today's final match — the largest in Brazil's history. It remains to be seen if security will be able to foil Argentine hooligan/prankster Pablo "Bebote" Alvarez's promise to return for the final, after he was deported from Brazil last week.

Deported Argentine hooligan who Mocked authorities says he'll be at world cup final: Read more here.

Brazilians seem to have temporarily shelved their differences with Germany, following their embarrassing 7-1 defeat in last week's match. Many are now hoping Germany will drop the same crushing treatment on the Argentinian team in today's game, further fanning the flames of the fierce football rivalry between the two South American countries.

Sunday 7/13 1:00 PM
In the face of heavy showers that sent less hardy fans running for shelter, up to 100,000 Germans gathered in front of a giant TV screen near Berlin's Brandenburg Gate hours ahead of kickoff. Germany will be seeking its fourth World Cup win today, and its first since the country's reunification.


Sunday 7/13 11:00 AM
With just four hours until the start of today's final match between Germany and Argentina, the anticipation is tempered by reports of police seizures of weapons and gas masks from the homes of 19 activists arrested on Friday, ostensibly in connection with the ongoing protests that have accompanied the World Cup.

Saturday 7/12 6:15 PM
The host nation suffered a final humiliation today, as the Brazilian National Team was shut out by the Netherlands, 3-0, in the contest for Third Place. In just four days, Brazilians' expectations have been crushed, as their beloved team finishes Fourth overall. For many, all that is left is to root against their hated rivals, Argentina, in tomorrow's final.

Saturday 7/12 2:45 PM
Things are relatively quiet as the world prepares for tomorrow's finale between Argentina and Germany. Twitter is seeing no shortage of prognosticators, such as this one, predicting in no uncertain terms, the demise of the host country's arch rival, Argentina:

Arjen Robben:

— Transfer Sources (@TransferSources)July 11, 2014

Today will also see the outcome of the match between Brazil and the Netherlands for Third and Fourth Places.

Friday 7/11 3:30 PM
A small group of activists gathered in central Belo Horizonte today, demanding an end to air strikes in Gaza. The event passed off without incident.

Activists plan to stage a second protest in the city later today calling for infrastructure improvements. The demonstration was sparked after an overpass collapsed on July 3, killing two people.


Friday 7/11 11:00 AM
The head of FIFA's favorite hospitality partner is now on the run from the law, according to Brazilian police.

Ray Whelan is CEO of Match Services — according to the Associated Press, "an intimate member of FIFA's family for more than 20 years." On Monday, he was arrested in connection with a $100 million probe into World Cup ticket scalping. Whelan was released after questioning but made to surrender his passport.

Yet Rio officers now say that when they went to rearrest him on Thursday, he had fled the plush Copacabana Palace hotel — where senior FIFA executives are also living it up during the World Cup — an hour earlier.

"He's now considered a fugitive," police investigator Fabio Barucke told reporters. "We have security camera images of him exiting the hotel through a service door."

Police in rio say fugitive Ray Whelan obviously left his hotel room in a hurry - TV set on, his shoes on the floor — Ben Brown (@BenBrownBBC)July 10, 2014

Match Services have repeatedly protested the innocence of their CEO.

Thursday 7/10 3:00 PM
A group of employees from the Casa da Moeda do Brasil (CMB), Brazil's national mint, marched during a protest in Rio de Janeiro today. The protesters stopped traffic on the Praia do Flamengo, north of Copacabana, carrying banners and chanting slogans.

Thursday 7/10 12:15 PM

Brazilian sex workers played soccer to protest police crackdowns at — Andalalucha (@Andalalucha)July 10, 2014


Rio's sex workers last week demonstrated against a police crackdown on their legal industry before the World Cup.

As reported by Andalusia Knoll in Bitch magazine, the protesters played street soccer and wore shirts with slogans like Vai Ter Copula [There will be sex] — a play on the protest phrase Nao Vai Ter Copa [There will be no World Cup].

Thursday 7/10 10:50 AM
FIFA has suspended Nigeria from all international soccer after accusing the country's government of interfering in the sport. Though the national team progressed from the World Cup group stage for the first time since 1998, its tournament was overshadowed by a dispute between the players and the soccer federation over bonus payments.

On the team's return to Africa, a Nigerian court sacked the leaders of the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) on July 3 and they were replaced by a single civil servant. NFF boss Aminu Maigari was also arrested, then later released.

This is against FIFA rules, and the organization gave Nigeria until Tuesday to reinstate the NFF executive committee. When that deadline passed, FIFA issued the ban on Wednesday. Their statement read: "During the period of suspension, the NFF may not be represented in any regional, continental or international competitions, including at club level, or in friendly matches."

If the issue is not resolved by July 15, Nigeria will be barred from the Under-20 Women's World Cup that kicks off in August.


Wednesday 7/9 1:00 PM
Dozens of youths reportedly sparked a stampede following a petty crime spree on Tuesday at a World Cup "fanfest" on Rio's Copacabana beach.

Thousands of people watching Brazil's humiliating semi-final against Germany on big screens fled for safety as thieves stole bags, mobile phones, and jewelry. This aerial video shows the scene in the area during the frenzy.

More footage shows the aftermath of the incident.

In photos: Brazil's shell shock after its stunning World Cup loss. View here.

Wednesday 7/9 11:05 AM
Brazilian police have arrested an Italian and a French national in possession of over 40 World Cup match tickets, it has emerged today. The two men, who were taken into custody at São Paulo International Airport, were carrying 48 tickets for the upcoming semi-final and final games.

The arrests come after a major ticket scalping probe lead to the arrest of Ray Whelan, the CEO of Match, a FIFA partner company. Whelan was arrested at the Copacabana Palace Hotel on Monday, and later released without charge, although his passport has been suspended.

Wednesday 7/9 10:15 AM
Malaysian MP Bung Mokhtar Radin is well-known for sexist statements in parliament and a polygamy conviction. Now, he's in more trouble after he tweeted "WELL DONE… BRAVO… LONG LIVE HITLER…" today, after Germany's 7-1 win over Brazil in the World Cup semi-final on Tuesday.


— Bung Moktar Radin (@MyKinabatangan)July 8, 2014


The tweet went viral and Bung Mokhtar was slammed both on and offline. Lim Guan Eng, leader of Malaysia's Democratic Action Party, said today: "Bung Mokhtar should know that if he was to say this in Germany, he could go to prison for supporting Nazism."

Germany's ambassador to Malaysia, Holger Michael, told TIME: "We strongly reject the distasteful and unacceptable allusion to the fascist regime of Adolf Hitler."

But Bung Mokhtar himself really didn't care. "I don't know what's wrong with people sometimes. Hitler is part of history and the German team fought like how he did," he told the Star.

And when a Twitter user asked how he got elected, he responded: "COZ IM BETTER THEN U."

Hitler tweet not serious, says — Philip Golingai (@PhilipGolingai)July 9, 2014

Joe Biden hand-delivered torture reports to Brazil at the World Cup. Read more here.

Tuesday 7/8 6:10 PM
Germany beat Brazil 7-1 in the World Cup semi-final tonight.


— Jared Goyette (@JaredGoyette)July 8, 2014

There are no reports of protests or disturbances on the streets, but the police were present in big numbers inside the stadium.

In the meanwhile the guards all prepared to control the situation. — Salman (@Salman_Surti)July 8, 2014

AJE's — Gabriel Elizondo (@elizondogabriel)July 8, 2014

Tuesday 7/8 4:30 PM
Germany are beating Brazil 5-0 after just 28 minutes.

Tuesday 7/8 10:00 AM
Rio de Janeiro police have arrested Ray Whelan, CEO of World Cup hospitality company Match, as part of their investigation into illegal ticket sales. Whelan was detained at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, where top FIFA officials in Brazil are staying, on Monday. Match are official partners with FIFA, and have previously provided hospitality services for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


The Associated Press reported that Match "has been an intimate member of FIFA's family for more than 20 years."

According to the BBC, Match said they expect their chief executive to be "exonerated."

Scalping probe implicates longtime FIFA partner (from — Stephen Wade (@StephenWadeAP)July 8, 2014

Arrest of MATCH director Ray Whelan in ticket scam investigation could have massive implications for FIFA. V well connected and big player

— Olly Foster (@OllyFoster)July 7, 2014

MATCH say Ray Whelan will be fully exonerated of ticket scam allegations. Released by police, has surrendered passport but returned to work

— Olly Foster (@OllyFoster)July 8, 2014

Friday 7/4 12:50 PM
As the first quarter-final of the 2014 World Cup is under way at Rio De Janeiro's Estádio Maracanã, an anti-FIFA protest has taken to the streets around the city's affluent Copacabana beach.

The protesters stopped outside the FIFA store on Copacabana. Surrounded by Brazilian Robo cops. — Laurence Mora (@Morasport_Sky)July 4, 2014

A peaceful protest is heading down the Copacabana. Only a few hundred. Chanting anti FIFA songs. — Laurence Mora (@Morasport_Sky)July 4, 2014

Friday 7/4 9:45 AM
Video captures the moment that the highway overpass collapsed on Thursday in Belo Horizonte. This footage is believed to have been captured from a gas station up the street in the World Cup host city. At least two people were killed when a number of vehicles, including a bus, were trapped beneath the falling structure.


This footage shows the aftermath and clean-up operation.

Thursday 7/3 5:10 PM
An overpass collapsed in Belo Horizonte, one of the host cities of the World Cup, this afternoon. Graphic footage shows scenes following the incident.

— Iran Barbosa (@iranbarbosa)July 3, 2014

This pic shows that it could be worse. — Lucas Sposito (@harris__)July 3, 2014

Thursday 7/3 3:20 PM
Reports are emerging from Belo Horizonte of an overpass collapsing on a bus. Local sources are suggesting there have been at least two fatalities.

Collapsed flyover in Belo Horizonte fell on top of a bus - as this local police image shows: — Ben Tavener (@BenTavener)July 3, 2014

Thursday 7/3 1:00 PM
The US soccer team left the World Cup with heads held high on Tuesday, after a narrow defeat to Belgium in the second round of the competition. President Barack Obama put in a call to two of the squad's heroes: striker Clint Dempsey, who scored the fastest goal of the tournament and goalkeeper Tim Howard, who put in a record-breaking display against Belgium.

Obama told the players "You guys did us proud," and advised Howard to shave off his beard as a disguise from the mobs of new fans back home.

Thursday 7/3 12:30 PM
Hundreds of protesters marched through central São Paulo today, in support of agrarian reform. Activists from the Brazilian Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) marched to the president's office in the city to deliver a letter. The demonstrators are also calling for the reinstatement of São Paulo subway workers dismissed during a recent strike.


Thursday 7/3 11:15 AM
It was widely reported on Wednesday that Algeria's World Cup soccer team was going to donate its $9 million prize money to Gaza. This was attributed to a quotation by Algerian striker Islam Slimani, who said, "They need it more than us," according to Jordanian writer Waleed Abu Nada.

Yet it now appears that this tale of solidarity is just an out-of-control internet rumor. Maher Mezahi, a journalist for Al Jazeera and ESPN, tweeted today that there's no credible source for the story.

Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but there's no credible source for — Maher Mezahi (@MezahiMaher)July 3, 2014

No source for the quote, 'They need it more than us.' Nothing in Algerian press, and the FAF haven't said anything either.

— Maher Mezahi (@MezahiMaher)July 3, 2014

Seems like the rumour was started by this guy — Maher Mezahi (@MezahiMaher)July 3, 2014

Then — Maher Mezahi (@MezahiMaher)July 3, 2014

Even so, Algeria and its supporters often express support for Palestine, including in songs and a flag from the team bus on its return to the country on Wednesday.

A fan of Algeria stands and raises Palestine's flag in front of a Germany fan who raises Israel's flag. — Moha (@__itsMBK)July 1, 2014

— adnan hobalah (@adnanhobalah)July 2, 2014

Thursday 7/3 10:45 PM
Violent clashes erupted between police and protesters in Belo Horizonte on Wednesday, after at least 250 people took to the streets to urge the government to provide better housing, transport, and sanitation for city residents.


The activists occupied some government buildings, including the office of the Attorney General of the State and the Urbanization and Housing Department.

Military and mounted officers were deployed, and protesters reported the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and beatings by police. These videos show scenes from the protest, including police threatening and charging demonstrators.

Wednesday 7/2 4:30 PM
Activists gathered outside the Court of Justice in São Paulo today. The demonstrators had called on Public Security Secretary Fernando Grella to publicly debate with them about what they call the criminalization of social movements in Brazil. The group was met by a heavy police presence outside the court but the protest is progressing without incident so far.

Principal convidado, o secretário de segurança público do estado de São Paulo, Fernando Grella, não apareceu. — Passa Palavra (@passapalavra)July 2, 2014

Debate com Fernando Grella . Nesta quarta-feira, às 15h . Praça da Sé . A questão é se ele vai… — Coletivo Carranca (@CCarranca)July 2, 2014

Wednesday 7/2 1:30 PM
Military police used tear gas and pepper spray against a group of protesters who had gathered at the Roosevelt Park in central São Paulo on Tuesday. At least 300 people joined the demonstration to voice their opposition to the June 23 detainment of two anti-World Cup protesters, Fabio Hideki Harano and Rafael Marques Lusvarghi. Six people were arrested.


Wednesday 7/2 11:30 AM
These videos show scenes from the protest, including the deployment of tear gas and protesters who have been affected.

Wednesday 7/2 11:00 AM
The hundreds of protesters were demonstrating against the June 23 arrest of two anti-World Cup protesters. Military police later used tear gas and pepper spray against the group.

Wednesday 7/2 9:55 AM
Police officers used stun grenades and tear gas to clear Argentina soccer fans at Vila Madalena, a neighborhood of São Paulo, following the national team's victory over Switzerland on Tuesday.

Police used stun grenades and tear gas to disperse — Kety Shapazian (@KetyBrazil)July 2, 2014

Was that necessary? Every night there are soccer fans and tourists, many drunk, at the area. Police never did anything to disperse them.

— Kety Shapazian (@KetyBrazil)July 2, 2014

Tuesday 7/1 6:45 PM
Belgium just knocked the US out of the World Cup. But the US was a definite winner in the social media popularity contest — another sign that soccer is finally entering the mainstream.

By half time, in data powered by the Brandwatch and FGV World Cup data viz, the USA was the top World Cup country mentioned in tweets today, with 60 percent of the conversation (Belgium had less than 1 percent). And #usa has been the fifth most mentioned hashtag (on Twitter, in World Cup related conversations), in the last day. Patriotic pride in the USA has been also been a big topic in online conversations.


At the end of the first half there had been over 3,700 tweets today about "Howard," the heroic US goalie. Then there were 3,000 mentions of US midfielder "Bradley." Unfortunately, lot of it was negative: "get it together," "stop giving the ball away," "you bald fuck," and the like. Into extra time, there were almost 1,000 mentions of Belgium "dominating" the game.

Tuesday 7/1 4:20 PM
A protester with a Superman t-shirt and "Save Favelas" message ran onto the field after 15 minutes of the US vs. Belgium game that is currently being played.

The pitch invader at Belgium vs. USA was a protester with a political message - — World Cup 2014 (@WorldCupPosts)July 1, 2014

He was then removed by stewards.

EN DIRECTO | El espontáneo que saltó al campo. Pedía

— (@publico_es)July 1, 2014

Tuesday 7/1 12:50 PM
Security was stepped up in Lyon on Monday night for Algeria's World Cup game against Germany, following trouble in the city after an Algeria match last week. There have been reports of tensions between immigrant soccer fans and some French nationals during the World Cup.

A group of activists carrying a banner reading "This is Lyon, not Algeria" marched through Lyon's streets on Monday. Some 60 arrests were made, according to reports.

Tuesday 7/1 12:20 AM
Brazil is well-known for its ethnic diversity, but the crowds in World Cup stadiums just haven't reflected this. A survey released on Sunday showed that at Brazil vs. Chile on Saturday, 67 percent of the crowd was white, and 90 percent of attendees came from the country's upper classes.


Over at Medium, Sean Jacobs asks Why Are the World Cup Crowds So White?

He notes: "There are very few black people among Brazil's rich… While Brazil's team is relatively mixed (the star player Neymar is partly of African descent), the team's coaching staff and the top brass at the football association are mostly white."

So many black Brazilians simply can't afford World Cup tickets, which cost between $90 and $990, while the minimum wage is $330 a month.

Tuesday 7/1 11:30 AM
Luis Suarez, Uruguay's star striker, and biter, on Monday apologized to his Italian opponent Giorgio Chiellini, who "suffered the physical result of a bite in the collision he suffered with me."

Yet he might yet get an escape from his four-month soccer ban. According to the Daily Telegraph, Kosovan team Hajvalia are prepared to offer him an initial fee of $43,000 and a monthly $2,000 salary.

"Suarez can't play in the next four months," Xhavit Pacolli, the Balkan club's director told Kosovan newspaper, Sport Plus. "As we are not part of FIFA yet, I think he can play in Kosovo, so we have an offer that we will send to Liverpool… This is the maximum we can offer… This might sound ridiculous to him, but that is all we can do."

My apologies to Chiellini: — Luis Suarez (@luis16suarez)June 30, 2014

Tuesday 7/1 10:45 AM
Cameroon's soccer federation (FECAFOOT) will investigate claims that seven of their players were involved in match-fixing in their three World Cup games. The allegations were made by convicted Singaporean match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal in the German magazine Der Spiegel.


According to the report, Perumal stated hours before Cameroon vs. Croatia on June 18 that the African side would lose 4-0, and have a player sent off. Both predictions apparently came true.

Perumal claimed there are "seven bad apples" in the team. FECAFOOT have released an official statement stating that: "We are strongly committed to employ all means necessary to resolve this disruptive matter in the shortest delays."

Cameroon FA have been told by their country's Prime Minister not to make further statements on allegations of match-fixing at World Cup.

— Richard Conway (@richard_conway)July 1, 2014

Monday 6/30 5:30 PM
A proposal which establishes guidelines for the planning of the city of São Paulo has been approved today in the city. Councillors from the State Capital passed the "Strategic Master Plan" after 62 public hearings and nine months of discussion

Brazilian Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) began an Occupy-style protest outside the São Paulo city hall on June 24 in order to push the vote on the proposal. The group began their protest with the expressed intention of maintaining their camp until the new plan was adopted for the city. The plan includes legislation pertinent to social housing, a huge concern for the movement.

Monday 6/30 4:30 PM
Royal Dutch Airlines caused a social media storm on Sunday after the Netherlands knocked Mexico out of the World Cup. The airline tweeted a picture of a man in a sombrero, a departures sign, and the words "Adios Amigos!"


.— Jamie Ross (@JamieRoss7)June 29, 2014

Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal replied: "I'm never flying your shitty airline again. Fuck you big time." He then also deleted that. KLM later apologized and said their tweet was "meant to be a joke."

Monday 6/30 12:25 PM
France is currently playing Nigeria in Brasilia. Meanwhile, away from the field:

Brazilians in blackface at France Nigeria game. Said they were supporting Nigeria. — Lucy Jordan (@lucyjord)June 30, 2014

Monday 6/30 12:05 PM
A Rio police officer forcefully arrested a man selling a ticket for last Saturday's match between Colombia and Uruguay, near the Maracanã stadium. In this video, the officer appears to be in discussion with the man, before pulling a gun, amid a frenzy of shouts, and arresting the suspect.

Monday 6/30 11:30 AM
Uruguay President Jose Mujica just expressed what many Brazilian protesters and soccer fans are thinking when he insulted leaders of the sport's governing body on Sunday. When asked, "What did this World Cup mean for you?" Mujica replied: "That FIFA are a bunch of old sons of bitches."

He wasn't referring to the Brazil's controversial hosting of the World Cup or even numerous corruption allegations, but instead FIFA's four-month ban for Uruguay's star player Luis Suarez, after he appeared to bite an opponent's shoulder during a game last week.

Though this was the third time that Suarez has been accused of chewing on the opposition, Mujica added: "They could have sanctioned, but not fascist sanctions."


Sunday 6/29 3:47 PM
More protesters flooded the streets of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana beach area on Sunday, behind a large banner reading "FIFA go home," and some with duct tape over their mouths.

Nearby, fans prepare to watch the Greece and Costa Rica match on big screens at a FIFA FanFest. The game kicked off at 4 PM ET and is being held at the Arena Pernambuco in Recife.

Sunday 6/29 7:10 AM
Anti-World Cup protesters gathered in Rio de Janeiro's Praça Sáenz Peña on June 28. Protesters and military police and the Special Operations Battalion clashed as the protesters demanded the release of three people arrested in earlier protests.

Saturday 6/28 4:07 PM
It wasn't just anti-World Cup protesters making their voices heard along Rio's Copacabana. Gay pride marchers also hit the streets along side the protesters.

Saturday 6/28 10:45 AM
As Brazil prepares to take on Chile at Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, anti-World Cup protest is taking place along Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro.

The juxtaposition of life in Brazil at FIFA's World Cup. Making a stand on one side. Enjoying the sand on the other. — Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker)June 28, 2014

Friday 6/27 3:30 PM
After Algerian fans celebrated their national team's qualification to the next round of the World Cup in Lyon on June 26, this video emerges, showing the celebrations bringing traffic to a halt in the city. Arrests were reported in the area.


A draw against Russia was enough to guarantee Algeria second place in group H, behind Belgium. They will play Germany in the next round of the World Cup on June 30.

Friday 6/27 10:22 AM
Italy's Giorgio Chiellini has broken his silence about the Luis Suarez biting incident.

"Now inside me there's no feelings of joy, revenge or anger against Suarez for an incident that happened on the pitch and that's done. There only remain the anger and the disappointment about the match. At the moment my only thought is for Luis and his family, because they will face a very difficult period."

After biting Chiellini's left shoulder during Uruguay's 1-0 win against Italy in the group stage on Tuesday, Suarez has been banned from all football activities and stadiums for four months. He has also been suspended from Uruguay's next nine internationals, and fined.

Thursday 6/26 4:55 PM
Following the severe rain in Brazil today, VICE News is looking into this video claiming to show a women who died during flooding.

Thursday 6/26 10:25 AM
Torrential rain caused severe flooding in Recife today just hours before Germany and the US go head to head in their final World Cup group stage match in the city. FIFA officials examined the field, however, and determined that the match will go ahead as scheduled at noon ET.

But everything is very, very wet — it's unclear how many fans, or even players' family members, will make it to the game.


This has disaster written all over it. Here some — Rick Maese (@RickMaese)June 26, 2014

Dozens of US fans abandoning vehicles and walking through torrential rain to stadium in Recife. 17 miles from here. — Ben Smith (@BenSmithBBC)June 26, 2014

Major flooding on our route through Recife to USA-Germany — Grant Wahl (@GrantWahl)June 26, 2014

Agent — Jeremy Schaap (@JeremySchaap)June 26, 2014

Thursday 6/26 10:00 AM
Residents of a Rio de Janeiro favela blocked roads and clashed with police on Wednesday after the death of a three-year-old boy during a shoot-out between authorities and alleged criminals. Luiz Felipe Rangel Bento died from a bullet wound to the head as he slept, according to reports. These photos are described as showing the protest, and its aftermath, in Costa Barros, northern Rio de Janeiro, yesterday.


Wednesday 6/25 3:40 PM
Protesters in São Paulo are calling for rallies at the city's museum of art on Thursday in solidarity with two men arrested earlier this week. Demonstrators angered by the cost of staging the World Cup marched on Avenida Paulista on Monday, when violent clashes broke out.

Two activists, Hideki Fabio and Rafael Marques, were detained during an incident in a subway after the rally. According to local reports, the protesters were being held for incitement of violence, conspiracy, and possessing an explosive device.


This footage shows Fabio's moment of arrest. At 1.07, a man wearing a motorcycle helmet can be seen, surrounded by police. He later removes a bottle from a plastic bag.

Wednesday 6/25 12:00 PM
Activists from the Brazilian Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) set up camp outside São Paulo city hall on Tuesday. Hundreds of families have said they will stay there until the city council vote on a the new master plan of the city — a system that develops programs and services aimed at improving the quality of life. A vote may take place on Friday, according to reports.

A number of demonstrators were reportedly removed from an occupied site this morning.

Walking to work- 160 families removed from an occupied building in downtown São Paulo, Brazil by police this morning — Vincent Bevins (@Vinncent)June 25, 2014

Families moving out of the occupation. They knew they were there illegally, but didn't expect the shock troops (2/2) — Vincent Bevins (@Vinncent)June 25, 2014

Yet other activists remain hunkered down at the protests.

Protesters set up camp on Tuesday.


Tuesday 6/24 5:35 PM
Rio activists have launched an "occupy" style protest and camp at São Paulo city hall.

Earlier, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem-Teto (MTST), a homeless workers' group, held a protest which began at the Praça da República in the city.

Tuesday 6/24 3:55 PM
Over the weekend, one of the World Cup host cities was hit with a month's worth of rain. The wet weather triggered mudslides, sinkholes, and floods in Natal.

Tuesday 6/24 3:15 PM
The Brazilian homeless workers' group Movimento dos Trabalhadores Sem-Teto (MTST) is holding a protest in downtown São Paulo, and demonstrators have gathered at the Praça da República this afternoon. Police presence is expected to be high, in keeping with similar protests in the city and in Rio de Janeiro on Monday.

Tuesday 6/24 2:00 PM
Uruguay just beat Italy 1-0 to get through to the next stage of the World Cup. But just moments the goal that knocked out Italy, Uruguay forward Luis Suárez appeared to take a bite out of an opponent's shoulder.

This is not the first time he's been accused of cannibalistic tendencies on a soccer field.

Chiellini's shoulder shows proof that Luis Suárez bit him. Disgraceful. — FutbolBible (@FutbolBible)June 24, 2014

Watch the World Cup music video that got three arrested in Iran here.

Tuesday 6/24 1:15 PM
England's soccer team has had an embarrassing World Cup and one UK gift company has done no better. But it has been good for sales.

England World Cup mugs, mistakenly featuring Barack Obama instead of Chris Smalling, sell fast — BBC News England (@BBCEngland)June 24, 2014

Tuesday 6/24 10:00 AM
Anti-World Cup protests in São Paulo turned violent last night, forcing the prominent Avenida Paulista to close as clashes broke out between protesters and police. According to reports, gunshots were fired as a warning to those opposing arrest. Around 300 people participated in the march. This footage shows a scuffle with police before the arrest of a 29-year-old man, and gunshots can also be heard.


Monday 6/23 5:55 PM