Illustration by Ornella Ospino. 

This Comic About Street Harassment Is a Reminder You're Not Alone

Ornella Ospino's graphic story follows an Afro-Latinx trans woman dealing with street harassment through ancestral ritual.

As we brace for 2019 and stack up our resolutions, Broadly is focusing on finding motivation for the hard tasks that await us—like getting out of bed. So, throughout January, we're rolling out Getting Out of Bed, a series of stories about all things related to rest and resilience. Read more here.

This month, Broadly collaborated with artists niv Acosta and Fannie Sosa on an issue of Black Power Naps Magazine, a publication focused on interrogating racial equity and promoting rest and healing among Black people. To that end, we commissioned artist Ornella Ospino to create a comic that showed how they practice self care as an Afro-Latinx queer person. They gave us "Black Candles / Velas Negras," a graphic story that finds its subject, an Afro-Latinx trans woman, experiencing racial harassment on the street then returning home to care for herself the best way she knows how. It's a gorgeous and comforting reminder that when the world tries to extinguish us, we often already have what we need to relight and keep going. —Sarah Burke, editor


Read more from Black Power Naps Magazine here, or pick up a print copy inside the Black Power Naps exhibition at Performance Space New York through January 31, 2019.