Watch Alleged Drake Fans Try to Fight Pusha T at Toronto Show

As a Toronto hip-hop fan I ask, can we please leave this 'beef' in 2018?
November 21, 2018, 3:21pm
Image of pusha t at toronto show with drake fans who attempted to assault the rapper
Screenshots via Twitter.

Pusha T’s show in Toronto last night was abruptly called off after a massive fight erupted when a bunch of tough guys rushed the stage.

The Virginia rapper who, of course, has a long-winded history of beef with Drake, was halfway through performing “MFTR” when a bunch of garbage clowns—who presumably paid good money to go to this show—started throwing drinks at him. Because, you know, that’ll show him not to come to Toronto!

Initially, he kept going but a bunch of these water-throwing assholes then tried to get up on the stage. They were promptly taken down by security. (Sidenote: We have interviewed Pusha T before and his main security guard is one of the biggest dudes I’ve ever seen in my life. You absolutely do not want to try it with him.)

He eventually returned to perform “Infrared” and “Don’t Like” while also claiming that Drake paid those guys to show up and throw beer at him.

One person suffered life-threatening stab wounds, while at least five people were injured, Const. David Hopkinson told CP24.

This was the latest in a series of incidents involving the two rappers whose beef dates as far back as 2011.

It flared up earlier this year when Pusha T released “Infrared,” which takes aim at Drake’s use of ghostwriters. Drake immediately responded with “Duppy Freestyle” —a diss track that seemingly buried both Pusha T and his label mate Kanye West. Pusha T waited a few days before following up with “The Story Of Adidon”—a scathing cut that exposed Drake for hiding a child with adult movie star Sophie Brussaux. The album art also featured an old image of a young Aubrey Graham seemingly in blackface.

It was brought to the fore again at Camp Flog Gnaw earlier this month when Pusha T performed with a “Fuck Drake” backdrop. He blamed a “corny ass tech dude,” claiming that it was a mistake.

Now, as a lifelong Torontonian who loves hip-hop music, last night’s fiasco was thoroughly embarrassing. Imagine paying full price for a ticket only for the show to be called off because a handful of idiots decided to take a stand for …. Drake? I’m willing to bet that Drake had absolutely nothing to do with what happened last night, which makes it even more embarrassing for those guys.

Toronto is one of the only cities in Canada that consistently books top-notch international rap acts and incidents like this could threaten that privilege. All it takes is one or two tone-deaf promotional companies to start having second thoughts before that entirely vanishes.

Can we all just agree to leave this beef in 2018? It’s been beaten to death recently and, quite frankly, I’m tired.

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