Which New 'Drag Race All-Stars' Queen You Are, According to Your Sign

The contestants of "Drag Race All-Stars" season four have been announced—so naturally, we did an astrological analysis of your favorite queens!

Kitty girls around the world—rejoice! The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars Season 4 have finally been announced! Premiering on Friday, December 14, All-Stars gather our favorite drag queens from the last 10 seasons of Drag Race for a second chance at the crown.

If, like Adore Delano, you’re so excited you could pee, dive into this very sophisticated astrological analysis of this season’s contestants, and find out which sexy drag queen you are according to your zodiac sign. Cha cha, bitch!


Monét X Change: Cancer, Pisces

Monét was a huge fan favorite of the latest Drag Race season (10, which Miss Aquaria won!). She was voted Miss Congeniality, and like sweet water signs Cancer and Pisces, she’s hilarious, rarely complains about her own life, and is just so damn lovable.

Latrice Royale: Cancer, Capricorn

Another fan favorite from season four (which Sharon Needles won), Latrice was crowned Miss Congeniality and is known for her sense of humor and positive outlook on life. She opened up about her life struggles throughout her season, revealing that she was formerly incarcerated and never had a relationship with her father. Many of her co-stars looked up to her for her spirit and considered her a mother-figure. Like Cancers, Latrice has the warmest heart of all, but she’s also got the classic Capricorn qualities of being hardworking, down-to-earth, ambitious—and a consummate professional who doesn’t stand for nonsense.

Trinity Taylor: Aries, Sagittarius

A fire sign through and through, our love for Trinity Taylor was a slow burn that remains lit! She made the top four in season nine (which Sasha Velour won), but is number one in our hearts. Like fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, Trinity is loud, funny, and says it like it is. Though her “take no shit” attitude may initially seem off-putting, it doesn’t take long to see the honest, steadfast, pageant queen everyone comes to love.

Farrah Moan: Libra, Pisces

Though Farrah Moan was eliminated fairly early on in season nine, she remained a favorite among fellow Drag Race queens and even inspired an enduring joke about being a Christina Aguilera lookalike. Farrah was whiny but lovable—exactly like Libra and Pisces. Like emotional water sign Pisces, Farrah was a confrontational crybaby who forgave people in mere seconds, and like diplomatic, vain air sign Libra, Farrah was quick to apologize and too much of a brat to grab anything by the horns or make tough decisions. Despite these seemingly bad qualities, we love Farrah—which is also how we feel about Pisces and Libra, sorry!

Valentina: Scorpio, Taurus

One of the most iconic queens in Drag Race history, Valentina made waves when she refused to remove her face mask during a lip sync—only to reveal that it was because she didn’t know the lyrics! She placed seventh in season nine but was crowned Miss Congeniality—a controversial decision that changed the way Drag Race picked winners of the title. It was a truly Taurus move to stubbornly refuse to remove her mask, but Valentina also shines as a Scorpio: She’s sexy, magnetic, secretive, and so damn popular.

Monique Heart: Gemini, Virgo

Monique placed eighth in the latest season of Drag Race, so we’re grateful we have a chance to get to know her better on All-Stars. Throughout her season, she oscillated between being insecure and borderline egotistical like a true Gemini—but Monique was also pragmatic, truth-seeking, and realistic like a Virgo. After being eliminated for a lip sync where she didn’t know the lyrics, her parting words encapsulated both signs: “Always abide in love, and learn your words! Facts are facts.”

Jasmine Masters: Taurus, Sagittarius

Our time with Jasmine felt short-lived on Drag Race, since she placed twelfth on season seven (which Violet Chachki won)—but her presence lives on! During her time on the show, Jasmine was called out by RuPaul herself for making negative comments, and in the time since, she’s become a meme queen with several viral catchphrases, including “No tea, no shade, no pink lemonade.” Embodying the classic stubbornness Taurus, Jasmine is also a fire sign Sagittarius who can come off like a know-it-all with lines like, "I have something to say."

Naomi Smalls: Libra, Aquarius

The runner-up of season eight (which Bob the Drag Queen won), Naomi Smalls made waves as a couture queen. Though she can come off as an aloof, shallow fashion-head like a Libra, Naomi is also extremely wholesome and family-oriented, being one of 12 children and bringing her mom to the Drag Race finale. Like pioneering Aquarius, Naomi truly marches to the beat of her own drum.

Gia Gunn: Leo, Scorpio

Gia Gunn was not very well-liked on season six; her co-contestant Joslyn Fox rightfully called her “ignorant” after she said she hated “messy queens, cheap queens, and manly queens.” Gia’s elitist attitude is quintessential fire sign Leo, and her cattiness screams water sign Scorpio.

Manila Luzon: Aquarius, Gemini

The runner-up of season three, Manila Luzon was known for her incredible runway looks and bizarre sense of humor. Like an Aquarius, Manila made some strange choices on the show (like playing lesser-known figure Imelda Marcos on Snatch Game or dressing up as Big Bird), which actually worked out for her. And like a Gemini, Manila is quick-witted and silver-tongued.

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