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Smino's Silky-Smooth New Album 'Noir' Is Here

Dreezy, Valee, and Ravyn Lenae all feature on the St. Louis rapper's second studio album.
Smino's Silky-Smooth New Album 'Noir' Is Here

Silky-as-hell St. Louis sing-rapper Smino released his second full-length studio album last night. It's called NOIR, and you can listen to it in full below. Dreezy, Valee, Ravyn Lenae, Bari, and Jay2 are all featured, and, though most of the beats are attributed to soul-heavy Chicago producer and frequent Smino collaborator Monte Booker, there are also spots for Sango, Phoelix, Chris McClenney, Krs, J.L.L., and Dedunamis. NOIR includes the recently released singles "L.M.F." and "Klink." On first listen, the main takeaways are these: Dreezy smashes it, we all need to start pronouncing champagne exactly as it's spelled, and more artists should release albums on midweek midnights.


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