क se Crime

औ se Auzaar | Ep 3 of क se Crime - Created with Prime Original Mirzapur

We look into the weaponry the gangs of Purvanchal used, and what the police used to bring them down, in this episode of 'क se Crime' - 'Au se Auzaar'. #कseCrime

At its peak, the shooters and gangs of Purvanchal were armed with enough assault rifles and ammunition to equip a small army. Street-level enforcers would use disposable, concealable weapons and protected gang leaders would openly fire assault rifles in the streets. And to break these gangs, the police had to bring in heavy gear of its own. The tools of the crime discussed in this episode of 'क se Crime', the VICE guide to crime in India - 'Au se Auzaar'. #कseCrime


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