Shamir’s New “Room” Video Is a Sweet, Intimate Ode to Introverts

If you don't want to go out, but you don't want to stay in either, this will probably make sense to you.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Sometimes, I shut my curtains and ignore all my messages. I spend hours completely still in the bath, until the water turns cold and my fingers are wrinkled. I sit on my bedroom floor and smoke rollies and listen to podcasts about armadillos (did you know they have in-built birth control?) and fold my laundry into perfect squares. This kind of solitude is sometimes healthy, and sometimes it isn’t, but It’s something I’ve spoken about in relation to music quite a lot in the past. It’s also something Shamir is exploring in their new track and video “Room” (which you can watch above)—a beautiful, bittersweet ode to all those times spent shut away in your own private universe, not sure if you want to go out, but not sure if you want to stay in either.


The track itself is melodic and minimal, with a classic girl group rhythm over which Shamir’s beautiful androgynous voice glides, like something you might have overheard in an empty late night smoky downtown bar in the 60s. The video has the DIY quality of something shot on iPhone, which gives the whole thing a particularly intimate feel. It's as though you're peeking into someone's most unselfconscious moments. According to what Shamir told The Fader, the track is about "feeling trapped even when there's an opening presented to you, those times you feel stuck and depressed to the point that making it out of bed feels like an impossible feat. 'Room' is a song for those that need that extra push to keep going and take advantage of all the open doors put in your path."

Shamir is gearing up to release a 7″ “double A-side” vinyl featuring two new singles, one of which is “Room,” the other which is an as-yet-unheard track called “Caballero.” It's due out out March 9 via Father/Daughter Records. Meanwhile, he's left us with an accompaniment for those introverted moments when you need to recharge your batteries on your own. Sometimes, that makes for the perfect evening.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.