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Trump-backed Pennsylvania Republican Rick Saccone says liberals hate America and God

Voters in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional district cast their ballots in a special election Tuesday.

The Republican candidate running for the hotly contested congressional seat in Pennsylvania did not hold back from saying what he really thinks about liberals during a campaign event Monday evening, the eve of the special election.

“They’re energized by hate for our president,” said Rep. Rick Saccone, speaking at the Blaine Hill Volunteer Fire Department in Elizabeth Township. “They have a hatred for our president. Many of them have a hatred for our country.”


Audible cheers from the crowd ensued.

“I’ll tell you some more,” Saccone continued. “They have a hatred for god. It’s amazing. You see it when I’m talking to them. It’s disturbing to me.”

Voters in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district cast their ballots Tuesday, choosing between Saccone, a state legislator, and former federal prosecutor, Democrat Conor Lamb.

The district has been a long-time Republican stronghold, but an political upset could be on the horizon. A new poll released Monday by Monmouth University showed Lamb leading the race by more than 6 points.

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Trump, meanwhile, has endorsed Saccone and was out stumping for his campaign over the weekend in Moon Township. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette endorsed Saccone on Monday, saying that a “blue wave” of Democratic election wins across the country could lead to Trump’s impeachment. “One must ask what the consequence for the country will be if we dive into so great a distraction,” the editorial board wrote.

“Wasn’t that fabulous,” Saccone said in response. “The Post-Gazette can be objective, too.”

Cover image: Donald Trump Jr. shakes hands with Rick Saccone, Republican Congressional candidate for Pennsylvania's 18th district, during a campaign rally at the Blaine Hill Volunteer Fire Department, March 12, 2018 in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)