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Lorde Covered Frank Ocean's "Solo" on the First Night of Her American Tour

She pulled out something special for the first night of her North American Melodrama Tour.

The best moments of Lorde’s Melodrama were the ones where she toed the line between full introversion and high drama, most notably on songs like “Liability” and “Writer in the Dark” that tapped into raw emotion as well as excellent levels of theatricality.

Frank Ocean also carries this trait in him, and so it makes complete sense that Lorde covered his Blonde highlight “Solo” at the first night of her Melodrama North American tour in Milwaukee. Her arrangement is just as sparse as Frank’s, and while she doesn’t quite have the same range, it’s similarly beautiful.

In a recent email newsletter, Lorde wrote that this tour consists of her biggest shows ever, but “Solo” makes the arena seem amazingly small. Over the past few months she's also covered Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” and Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”.

Watch the cover below: