Shockingly, This New Danny L Harle Song *Doesn't* Have a Massive Drop

He's teamed up with Clairo for "Blue Angel," a toned-down take on his usual Huge Danny-isms.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
February 9, 2018, 10:59am
Image via PR

There are certain things we've come to expect from a Danny L Harle joint. A twinkly opening, candy sweetness, ridiculous idents ("HUGE DANNY" etc. etc.) and, in particular, an absolutely enormous, euphoric beat drop. The best thing I can say about Harle's ability to take a track to a tempo switch is that his are the sort of drops that make me resent their prevalence in pop music less, because he so deftly administers them in his songs, building tracks up to precisely the right amount of fervour and then just letting them go and go, like fidget spinners on pingers.


So it's interesting that his newest offering "Blue Angel," which features singer-songwriter Clairo, is a much more chilled out affair. Seemingly meeting Clairo's sensibility in the middle, it's still glittery, like a toned-down "Me 4 U," and the vocals are manipulated into artificiality in a familiar way, but it's more of a lie down than a jump up – and that's a good thing. Happily, it seems as though we'll be getting more of this sound, as Harle has been named as the producer for Clairo's upcoming EP, and "Blue Angel" feels like a good indicator of the aesthetic of that collab. Listen to the track below:

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