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Rae Morris Goes Dark with Ikonika's Bass-Filled "Reborn" Remix

Hear the Hyperdub affiliate's rework of the UK singer-songwriter's latest single.
Rae Morris photo courtesy of artist

Last month, Blackpool singer-songwriter Rae Morris released "Reborn," the lead single from her forthcoming second album. Coated in colorful, triumphant buildups, it's a track she previously described as being about "new beginnings, finding clarity and head space."

Today, we're premiering a remix courtesy of UK producer Ikonika, who recently put out her own LP Distractions on Hyperdub. If the original version is saturated in electro-pop brightness, the rework goes darker with mind-numbing bass and thick synth stabs, grounding it while still maintaining the song's uplifting message.

"It's a real pleasure to hear how another artist reimagines your vision when they do a remix," the singer told THUMP over email. "Ikonika is such a brilliant musician, and she's added a brand new energy to it with the 80s synth pads and moody beat. It has this really understated vibe that I just love."

Listen to it below.