Mount Kimbie and King Krule Reunite for Krautrockin' "Blue Train Lines"

Their new album 'Love What Survives' is out September 8.
July 12, 2017, 2:55pm

Having already shared the James Blake-featuring preview single "We Go Home Together" a little while back, London tinkerers Mount Kimbie have at last announced a new album called Love What Survives due for a September 8 release date via Warp Records. In commemoration, the duo has joined up once again with maverick songwriter and fellow Englishman King Krule on a new song, "Blue Train Lines."

Far from being chill, the song is a tense, barreling krautrocker, with King Krule's unmistakable vocals hollering and slobbering all over the motorik pulse. You can listen to "Blue Train Lines" below.

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