Unbuttoned's "Womxn Cry" Is A Visual Ode To Surviving As A Black Woman

“It is the only way I could tell my story. We are survivors.”
July 5, 2017, 2:48pm

In a time where places of safety and healing are increasingly precarious, artists like Solange and Beyoncé have created albums to let their fans know that they can find safety in their music. Liberating the second single from their upcoming project Liquid, Toronto's Unbuttoned is doing the same thing with their music video for 'Womxn Cry.' For the band's co-lead singer, Kamilah Apong, being able to centre Black women and their experiences in both the song and the video was important. "It is the only way I could tell my story. We are survivors," she explains over email.


The visually cathartic video features Apong dancing alongside other Black women using dance as a liberatory medium to express pain. For her 'Womxn Cry' is "a breaking, a snapping, dying, resurrection. A deep love for self, and a deep hate of self. What it looks like, sometimes, when I lose my mind. What it sounds like to fall back in love with myself." Watch the video below.