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Swet Shop Boys Added New Verses to "T5" For Their First TV Appearance

The group showed up on 'Colbert' to perform the 'Cashmere' cut.

Swet Shop Boys are one of the most interesting and energetic live acts you could possibly have the pleasure to watch, so it's excellent news that they've finally been able to bring their show to TV. Specifically, they gave their debut TV performance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, playing their song "T5," which is partly about getting interrogated in airports ("TSA always wanna burst my bubble / Always get a random check when I rock the stubble").


It's timely for the group—which features Das Racist's Heems, Star Wars actor Riz Ahmed and producer Redinho—considering the recent headlines regarding Donald Trump's so-called 'Muslim Ban.' Indeed, during the initial protests against the ban in LA, protesters chanted the lyrics of "T5." For extra potency on Colbert, Heems and Riz tacked extra verses on the end of the track to address the current state of things, and as Riz muses "Banning me from traveling? / Tricky when my pic is on the in flight magazine…", it's pretty tough to argue with Swet Shop Boys' message, originality, and downright swagger. Watch above.

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