Want a Break from Comey? Here Are 10 Soothing, Trump-Free Videos

Because today is a lot.
June 8, 2017, 2:49pm
Image: Pexels

Breathe. In. Out. Slowly. Today is a lot, and it's totally reasonable to need a break, even just a few minutes, in between trying to get informed about the tangled mess that is our federal government and the possibility that a foreign power has seriously meddled with shit.

If you want a break, here are 10 videos recommended by the Motherboard staff to calm any frazzled nerves:

This foam being destroyed by a red hot ball of nickel

This hydraulic press smushing gummy bears

This oddly satisfying sand slicing compilation

The nostalgic vibes of The Simpsons opening sequence

This compilation of dogs greeting soldiers returning home

This guy cracking up over a kid getting whomped by garbage

This dog who is just going his own way after his owner pretends to die

This endlessly chill mirrored drive through Tokyo at night

These happy cows running on loop

And, lastly, just picture yourself on this ultra-chill boat