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Audrey Hepburn's Awesome Ephemera Is Going Up for Auction

Treat yourself to Hepburn’s annotated script of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’
Photograph taken by Bud Fraker in 1956. Images courtesy of Christie's

In September, Christie's will be auctioning off 400 personal items belonging to renowned actress and fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn. Everything from annotated film scripts for Breakfast at Tiffany's and Charade to designer dresses will be sold in a flagship auction at Christie's King Street headquarters in London. The auction even includes portraits sourced from Hepburn's personal archive, the majority of which were taken between 1953 and 1968, during the height of her film career. "Interest in this sale is likely to be extraordinary," the Audrey Hepburn Collection's head of sales, Adrian Hume-Sayer, tells Vanity Fair. "Audrey's appeal is endless . . . It's goose-bumps time. There's nobody like her. No one."


Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961

As Hepburn's two sons Luca Dotti and Sean Hepburn Ferrer write, "On January 20th, 1993 we lost our mother and best friend and the world lost an enduring symbol of grace, elegance and humanity. We preserved our feelings for her as well as all of her belongings which each signified her life's choices and philosophy. After 25 years we have focused on those items we wished to keep as well as to pass on to future generations."

The flagship auction will be held at Christie's King Street headquarters in London on September 27th, in addition to an online sale which will be open for bidding from September 19th until October 3rd. Check out some of the items for sale below:

A Powder Compact By Ciardetti, Firenze

A Cigarette Lighter

A Selection of Ballet Pumps

A Cocktail Gown of Sky Blue Cloquee Satin

Learn more about the auction here.


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