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Someone Replicated Game of Thrones' Throne Room Out of LEGO Bricks

Matt Omori’s dedicated effort uses thousands of pieces and took over a year to make. It even has interchangeable elements to reflect how the various rulers have adapted the room during their reign.
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There's yet to be an official Game of Thrones Lego set for fans to geek out over, so programmer Matt Omori, a.k.a., YouTuber Tusserte, went ahead and built his own. In a project that took him around 18 months and over 100 hours of input, he's built a Lego replica of the Red Keep throne room.

Like the designer of Wallace the Rabbit's Carrot Throne, Omori designed the room from scratch after studying its appearances in the series and watching behind-the-scenes footage. The resulting model used around 15,000 pieces, 1,000 of which are just used as scaffolding for the base and can't even be seen in the final model. Before it was built, Omori played around with designs in Lego's Digital Designer software, which helped him nail the design virtually and let him know what specific parts he needed to buy.


Of course, no throne room would be complete without the iconic Iron Throne, and Omori has built that entirely from Lego swords and spears held together by clips. There are also a couple of replacement components in the room, to reflect how the sets change when a new king (or queen) begins their reign. And also to reflect Omori's total dedication to this cause.

The six columns can be changed, for instance: two sets were built by Omori, one is the flower and vine-type from Robert Baratheon's reign, while the other is is the way King Joffrey had installed it in season two, when he wanted the room to reflect the way the Targaryens had it when they ruled.

Along with these, the stained glass windows can also be replaced along the side of the hall and behind the throne. Omori built the windows using transparent Lego, and they are the only part that has been glued together. The stained glass windows can be unclipped to display new designs, like an imitation of the House Lannister lion crest that's seen in the Season Seven trailerwhen Queen Cersei is seen strolling through the room.

Then, to end it all, we get a Lego mini-fig recreation of when Ned Stark entered the Great Hall at the end of Season One to confront Joffrey about his parentage. Needless to say, that didn't end well.

Still, one thing's for certain: the throne room will likely see plenty more action in Season Seven, probably of the dragon variety. Omori says he'll be recreating some of these scenes, whatever they may be, within his replica, as the season unfolds.


For more details on how he designed and built the Lego throne room, you can check out the behind-the-scenes below.

Follow Tusserte's YouTube channel for those upcoming season seven Lego recreations.


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