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Exploding Whipped Cream Canister Kills Lifestyle Blogger

“Do not use this type of kitchen tool in your home."
Photo via Instagram user @rebeccablikes.

Popular French fitness blogger Rebecca Burger died Sunday after reportedly using a whipped cream canister that exploded, puncturing her chest and causing her to go into cardiac arrest.

Burger's death was announced by her "grieving family" on Facebook and has become a catalyst for renewed scrutiny of home kitchen whipped cream dispensers, which use highly pressurized gas to infuse cream with nitrous oxide and gives it a whipped texture almost instantly.


Burger's Instagram account, which has more than 170,000 followers, posted a photo of a whipped cream dispenser similar to the one they say caused her death. The post was a reminder to French consumers that many defective cream siphons remain on the market despite a massive recall of Ard'Time dispensers in 2013—the same brand allegedly used by Burger.

"Here's an example of a whipped cream canister that exploded and pierced Rebecca's thorax, causing her death," the post reads. "Do not use this type of kitchen tool in your home! Tens of thousands of defective models are still in circulation."

In the wake of her death, French consumer magazine 60 Million Consumers reminded readers that it had documented more than 20 separate incidents related to whipped cream dispensers in the four years since the recall. Injuries have ranged from broken teeth, facial fractures, and tinnitus, to severe eye injuries and comas.

According to USA Today, the prosecutor's office in the city of Mulhouse has begun an investigation into whether a faulty siphon on a high-pressure canister was responsible for Burger's death. The model and lifestyle blogger was 33 years old at the time of her death and tributes continue to appear online.