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Get Your Oral Fixation On with 6 Dreamy Teeth GIFs

Six artists pick apart the aesthetics of teeth for (this is real) National I Love My Dentist Day.
Screencaps via GIPHY

Not to be confused with National Dentist Day (March 6), National I Love My Dentist Day is one of those internet holidays so ephemeral that their origins are buried somewhere below the third page of a Google search, and are therefore inaccessible to humankind. We've gathered the appropriately ephemeral digital loops of six GIF artists together to contemplate the mystery that is National I Love My Dentist Day through the motif of teeth.


We all have them, but there's something eerie about focusing too long on teeth, especially when they're disembodied, or take any other form but a rigidly parallel smile. In literature, pearly whites can indicate viciousness and lust, while a lack thereof can signal disease or old age. Björk and Jesse Kanda use lips, tongue, and teeth with incredibly unsettling success in their video for "Mouth Mantra." In the hands of Jenni Sparks, Mada Garbea, The Current Sea, and more, they channel confidence, dreaminess, and overwhelming emotion in never-ending animations. Warning: these GIFs are not safe for odontophobes.

Jenni Sparks

Robert Ek

Parallel Teeth

Mada Garbea

The Current Sea

Yifan Hu

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