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Liam Gallagher's Debut Solo Single "Wall of Glass" Is Massive

As you were.

Motherfucking rock'n'roll stars, wake the fuck up. Today is your day. Liam Gallagher, greatest frontman of the greatest band to have ever walked their antagonistic little footwear across the earth, has released his debut solo single "Wall of Glass". What a little delectable treat of music.

Those who hate Oasis or Liam Gallagher or anything with a guitar or some kind of soul in it, turn away now. Everyone else: welcome to a track that sounds kind of like Oasis but with harmonicas. Which isn't a bad thing at all, really. This feels like an endearingly cocky and massive return-to-form (with what sounds like a quick bit of 1D shade thrown in for good measure). To read about what went down at Gallagher's first solo show, in Manchester and in aid of the families affected by last week's bombing attack, click right here.

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