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Last Days of Chavez's Legacy: The Fall of Chavismo in Venezuela

VICE News traveled to Venezuela to see how the Chavistas — supporters of the late President Hugo Chavez — prepared for a momentous election.

Venezuela's December election was an historic moment. After exactly 17 years of dominating the country's institutions and politics, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) — founded by the late President Hugo Chavez — was defeated at the polls.

The party, and its Chavista allies, was beaten in the congressional election of December 6 by the opposition coalition, which now has enough seats in the National Assembly to challenge President Nicolas Maduro, Chavez's successor.


Indeed, Ramos Allup, the assembly's newly elected speaker, declared on January 5 that there would be a change of government within six months. Under Venezuela's constitution, the president can be removed with a recall referendum.

Other lawmakers have said that they would push for the release of political prisoners jailed under Maduro's government.

Yet the president remains defiant, responding: "Let them call a recall referendum and then the people will decide." Maduro has also said that he would veto any prisoner amnesty law.

VICE News traveled to Venezuela to see how the Chavistas prepared for the election, and followed PSUV candidate Zulay Aguirre during her campaign.

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