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Libya: A Broken State (Extra Scene)

VICE News filmmaker Medyan Dairieh witnessed first-hand how life after the Libyan revolution has devolved into lawlessness and Islamic State-linked extremism.

Three years after the Libyan Revolution and the subsequent downfall of its dictator Muammar Qaddafi, the country has descended further into chaos and insecurity. Rebel militias, radical Islamists and a former Qaddafi commander are amongst the different groups who are all vying for power and oil wealth. This has created a vacuum where violence and militancy reigns supreme.

Vice News filmmaker Medyan Dairieh was there in 2011 to witness the revolution. This year he returned to follow members of the 17th February battalion—a rebel group who fight under the umbrella of the Libyan Dawn rebel coalition, against pro-Qaddafi forces. Dairieh witnessed first hand how the triumph of the revolution has devolved into lawlessness and Islamic State linked extremism.


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