We're Gunna Have a Pig Party Tonight! Alright!


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We're Gunna Have a Pig Party Tonight! Alright!

New York City gallery (that's its name) is having a show tonight featuring the weirdest, most absurd, "bad" art that the artists can muster. Sounds like fun!

Tonight, at an art space called New York City (confusing, we know), artist Gina Beavers is curating a "Pig Party." In the fraternity world, a pig party is a party where bros have a contest to see who can bring the ugliest date. Sounds pretty mean spirited to us, but if you replace "date" with "piece of art" (and define "art" very loosely), then it sounds ridiculous, in the best way possible. Gina says the show will feature "'secret' painting practices, awesomely 'bad' undergrad works, awfully amazing things found online, middle school art class drawings, and more!!!" And, like the original party idea, the best pig will be crowned at the end of the night. Seems like it'll be an awesome time. Check out the show tonight and get your swine on.


The details-

New York City
83 Bowery, Second Floor
East Village / Lower East Side
September 21 - October 20, 2012 
Opening goes from 7-9pm tonight

More info here.

Joshua Abelow, "Nude," 1995Courtesy the artist

Michael Berryhill, "Shroud of Turdin," 2010Courtesy the artist

Alex Ebstein, "Totally abscessed w/ you!," 2012Courtesy the artist

Clockwise from center: Work by Ryan Schneider, Phillip Birch & Nolan Simon, EJ Hauser, Michael Berryhill, and Nathan GwynneCourtesy New York City

Clockwise from top-right: Work by Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Matthew Thurber, and Tamara Gonzalez Courtesy New York City