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Stay Out of Oniontown

Any attempt to suppress viral internet interest in this place is like throwing water on a grease fire.
January 31, 2012, 6:50pm

One of the many signs warning strangers to keep out of Oniontown. Photo by Nadia Shira Cohen.

I mentioned some infamous videos in my article on Oniontown, New York for VICE that Inspired droves of bored Hudson Valley kids to trek up to that “rural Compton” and film their own Blair-Witch-style docs, undaunted by the near-certainty of being beaten up and having their windshields smashed. Below are a few of those original trendsetting videos that eventually made trespassing in Oniontown so bad that the police had to place a unit at the bottom of Oniontown road to stop carloads of kids coming from places like Westchester, Poughkeepsie, and even other states before they could get through the gates.

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