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Catch All New Episodes of 'STATES OF UNDRESS' and 'VICE World of Sports' Tonight on VICELAND

Tonight on VICELAND, we explore Palestine's expressive fashion world on 'STATES OF UNDRESS,' and head to Serbia's violent soccer derby on 'VICE World of Sports.'

'STATES OF UNDRESS' travels to Palestine

If you haven't already heard, we recently launched our very own TV channel. It's called VICELAND, and it's packed with shows that tell exciting stories from all over the world.

On tonight's episode of our fashion and travel show STATES OF UNDRESS, host Hailey Gates travels to Palestine to see how a country seeking sovereignty defines itself through fashion.

We go to Serbia's 'Eternal Derby' tonight on 'VICE World of Sports'

Then, tonight on VICE World of Sports, we travel to Serbia to witness the country's long-standing soccer rivalry in Belgrade, which is overshadowed every year by clashes of violence between die-hard fans.

Watch STATES OF UNDRESS tonight at 10 PM and VICE World of Sports tonight at 11 PM on VICELAND.