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The Owner of the 'Goonies' House Has Shut It Down Because You Guys Are Assholes

After complaining about an onslaught of visitors and their constant littering, the annoyed homeowner finally shut down visitor access to the beloved movie landmark.

Photo via Flickr user Joseph Novak

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For years, visitors have travelled from all over the world in the hopes of taking a picture in front of the house used in the 1985 cult classic The Goonies. Which was most memorably featured in the film's iconic truffle shuffle scene.

Unfortunately, recently, these visitors have started to do more than simply take pictures, and have, according to a report on news station KGW, been leaving empty beer bottles and cigarette butts on the lawn, letting their dogs poop everywhere, and parking in clearly marked "no parking" zones.


Screencap viaKGW

All of this has led to the owner of house—which is located in Astoria, Oregon—to cover it with blue tarp in an effort to stop people visiting her property. Just in case the tarp wasn't a clear enough indication, she has also placed several homemade signs around the perimeter of the house, ranging from a frustrated letter to the more direct "PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING ABSOLUTELY NO ONE!"

Screencap via KGW

According to city officials, an estimated 1200 to 1500 people have been known to visit the landmark each day. Some even show up before dawn or well after dark, according to a neighbor who spoke to USA Today.

Although the house's owner, who has lived there for over a decade, was originally known to "greet fans and give improptu tours," it might finally be time for the Goonies to say die.

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