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There's Finally an Artisanal Pencil Store in New York

It's called C.W. Pencil Enterprise, and it's sort of amazing.
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From the column 'The VICE Guide to Right Now'

New York City is just like the internet, in that you can find whatever you want extremely quickly. If you want drugs, you can text a number and a sketchy person will pull up in front of your apartment within the hour. If you need a skull of some sort, there is a store that sells them. If you want a store that restocks its entire inventory every six weeks, there's that too. Japanese toys? Yup. Exotic and rare flowers? That too. Mayonnaise? Boom. Now, we can add "pencil store" to the endless list of specialty retailers in New York City.

As written up in the New York Times, C.W. Pencil Enterprise specializes in pencils, both new and vintage, for collectors as well as people who just need to write stuff down. The store, owned and operated by 24-year-old Caroline Weaver, has been open since November 2014. Weaver, obviously, is something of a pencil obsessive. She stocks John Steinbeck's favorite pencil, pencils that write thick enough to be read when scanned, and high-end pencils from the 50s that will set the buyer back $60. If you can't get to the store's Lower East Side location, you can always order from them online. And if you've got a writing nerd in your life, you can sign them up for the Pencil of the Month club, which seems sort of amazing.

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