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Catch Prichard's Debut EP 'Eskota' Haunts and Revives

The eerie EP was recorded in the Texas ghost town of the same name.

Sawyer Gebauer is a Wisconsin-born, California-based artist, with a knack for making haunting, minimal folk music. On his latest project, Catch Prichard, he takes inspiration from people like Bruce Springsteen and at times sounds a lot like Nick Drake, if Nick Drake had a deep baritone.

The first release from Catch Prichard, ​Eskota​, is a winding, expansive five-song EP named for the abandoned town it was recorded in. Of the recording process, Gebauer says:

"I knew the album I wanted to accomplish for so long had to be born into and from that environment. Starting from nothing, tearing off the wallpaper and floorboards to see what was underneath… Eskota is that place, Eskota is that album. A manifestation from nothingness or at least from something that once was​."

​Eskota is out October 21 via Devise Records​. You can pre-order it here