Get Acquainted with Cyborg Beetles and 'Christian Woodstock' in Our Latest VICE Docs

Some recent videos to blow your mind and cap off your weekend.
December 4, 2016, 6:51pm

A lot of long and hard work went into some VICE documentaries that were released this week, so we decided to give them a little bit of extra love today.

To start, spend some time with our Noisey crew at Creation, the largest Christian music festival in the United States. Next, jet off to Singapore with Motherboard to learn about remote-controlled bugs made by next-level engineers. (No, it's not like that one bee episode of Black Mirror.) After that, check out a handful of our other recent videos from TONIC, The Creators Project, and the rest of the VICE family.

To see other recent docs and old favorites, head on over to for even more amazing stories.

How Wilson Tang Uncovered the Culinary Treasures of Chinatown

VICE sat down with New York City restaurateur Wilson Tang to talk about his passion for Chinese American cuisine and its place in modern food culture. Following the events of 9/11, Tang decided to ditch the corporate finance world to run his uncle's historic dim sum restaurant, now regarded as one of Chinatown's hidden culinary gems.

The Silent HIV Crisis Sweeping the American South

Although HIV diagnoses in the US have plummeted since the 1980s, the chances for black gay men are still one in two. TONIC traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to investigate why many are still falling to a disease that can be managed. The documentary sheds light on the issues tied to racial discrimination, lack of access to adequate health care, limited HIV testing and education, and stigma attached to the virus.

I Saw the Light: Inside "Christian Woodstock"

Earlier this year, Noisey traveled to Creation, the largest Christian music festival in the US. Through conversations with artists and attendees alike, 'I Saw the Light' takes a thoughtful look at the world of Christian music, belief, growing up, and Jesus Christ.

The Art of the Makeover: Erica Prince

The Creators Project celebrated Art Basel this past week with Perspectives, a series on artists featured at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in Miami. In this episode, we meet Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Erica Prince, who explores the aesthetic choices in creating personal identity using architecture, interiors, domestic prototypes, and makeover techniques.

Cyborg Beetles in Singapore

Dr. Sato is a researcher who's been working on some of the most advanced cyborg insects on Earth. Motherboard traveled to Singapore to learn how his team is electronically controlling their motor functions, with the hopes that one day these bugs can crawl through earthquake rubble and locate buried victims.

Donald Trump and the Dream Team Dabber

VICE News captured the many times when The Donald was upstaged at his first "thank you" tour rally on Thursday. Anyone know about this young dude who can't stop dabbing?