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Denzel Curry Premieres His Ferocious New Video for "Gook"

"Hella awky, that's the truth."

Denzel Curry's second album, Imperial, was an impressive step forward for the Carol City rapper. Tense and tightly-wound at its front end, moving into more chilled, pensive beats by the back, it showcased Curry's versatility above all else.

Of all those agitated tracks that opened it up, though, none were delivered with the ferocity of "Gook," his proud celebration of oddness. The video for the track, premiering for Noisey today, sees Curry rolling around an abandoned stadium, surrounded by white-clad crew, dancing through his lines. It's directed and shot by JMP, the East Coast videographer behind Rich The Kid's "I Just Might" and Lil Yachty's "Wanna Be Us."


Check it out below and read our interview with Denzel Curry right here.

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