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Question of the Day - Do You Give a Shit About the Olympics?

This just in: No really, no.

No, sincerely couldn’t give a shit, it’s the least of my concerns. I don’t even own a television, so no.

You’re not going to follow any of it on the Internet either?

Well actually I saw the logo on the Internet the other day and it looked like two characters from The Simpsons blowing each other off.

Really? I hadn’t seen it that way.

Well once you do, you can’t see it any other way!

So even with the blowy-logo you’re not compelled to watch any of it?


No the logo is comical, but the rest is shite.

It’s not that I don’t give a shit but let’s just say it isn’t what preoccupies me most at the moment.

If you weren’t so occupied would you watch any of it?

Well right now I’m travelling and if I was back home I don’t think I would anyways. I’m not really keen on watching sports on television.

Winter like Summer?

Yeah nothing changes throughout the seasons.

(Hysterical laughter) I don’t give a Shit! I FUCKING DON’T GIVE A SHIT HAHA!

I kinda care yeah.

So you’re going to watch ‘em?

Well I don’t know, maybe; it all depends on if I’m occupied or not.

Is there an athlete or a sport in particular that you’re going to watch then?

Diving perhaps; I don’t think there’s anything in particular, maybe if I tuned in and something else was on I’d spend a little time watching it.

Do I give a shit about the Olympics? No, not really.

Have you always felt that way?

I think I cared when I was 8 years old and it was in Salt Lake City or something. It was the first time I was aware of what the Olympics were. I don’t follow sports too much now, just a little bit of hockey, that’s it.

So summer Olympics are a definite no-go for you?

I won’t be tuning in that often; I mean if it’s on I’ll watch some of it, but I’m not that keen. I guess cause Canada does so badly at the summer Olympics. Anyways the winter Olympics are much more exciting for me cause we have champions and stuff.


I can’t wait for the 27th. That’s when it starts.

Are there any sports looking forward to, or is it the ceremonies?

Well for me it’s the 100m sprint. I look at that all the time.

For Usain Bolt?

Yes, well it’s partly for that. He got beaten in a recent race, can you imagine that. I never thought that someone would be able to even get close to him. What’s comforting though is that it’s another Jamaican.

How’s that comforting?

Well it keeps the Jamaican spirit up I guess.

Yeah it interests me…

Any sports in particular?

No, I’m just a sports fan. I look forward to the totality of it.

…An athlete perhaps?

Yes of course. But right now… I can’t really think of anyone… sorry.


You don’t watch any Olympic sports then?

No, I really don’t have a fuck to give about the Olympics.

Fair enough.

No, I don’t know. I kind of like watching some of the obscure sports.

What do you mean by “obscure sports”?

Those which I haven’t ever heard of.

Like which ones?

Well I don’t know which ones I haven’t heard about yet. There are always weird things that I like. Anyways I don’t really care about the Olympics.

Have you heard of bobsledding?

I’ve never heard about that one.

You haven’t? You should probably search it up on youtube or something.

Yeah I will.

Yeah man, I love those guys.

Why do you love them so much.

They’re real artists, I like the way they move and they can be so graceful and stuff. It really blows my mind.


Athletes are Artists?

Yeah for sure. I mean the way they can fly through the air and do backflips is just insane to me. I’d like to that, it would be really cool, you know?

Oh for sure, I always look forward to the Olympics!

What is it that you look forward to the most?

I really love diving because of Alexandre Despatie. He’s my favourite athlete. And not just the diving, but also just stumbling home from the bars really drunk and turning the TV on at 4am to watch whatever’s on is the best of times.

Did you do that during the last Olympics?

Yeah dude, it was awesome. I loved watching the curling it was dope.