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VICE Canada’s Documentaries Nominated for Canadian Screen Award

Awww, thanks.

Even if we don't win, we'll always have this memory. Still via Canadian Cannabis

We're pretty pumped to announce that VICE Canada Reports, a series of documentaries exploring controversial topics across this country, has been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in the Best Original Program or Series Produced for Digital Media—Non Fiction category. (It's as prestigious a category as it is lengthy.)

The awards, hosted by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, honour "productions and talent who excel in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes in Canadian film, television and digital media."The awards will be announced on March 8.


We asked VICE Canada Head of Content, Patrick McGuire, what he thinks about the nomination and he is, understandably, stoked.

"In 2014 and 2015, we worked really hard to produce and publish documentaries on the alleged radicalization of ISIS militants in Calgary, the abortion access dilemma in the maritimes, alcohol prohibition in Nunavut, and the future of weed in Canada," he said.

"It feels amazing to be recognized, our production team is the best there is, and we're happy to be nominated at the very least."

The following titles are up for the award:

"Homegrown Radicals." VICE founder Suroosh Alvi went to Calgary—declared a hotbed of terrorism by the media—to investigate the radicalization of Muslim youths there.