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Meet the Director Behind the 'Worst Movie Ever Made'

In the latest episode of 'OUTSIDER,' VICE catches up with director James Nguyen, whose low-budget "romantic thriller" 'Birdemic: Shock And Terror' has been touted as "the worst movie ever made."

After his film, Birdemic: Shock and Terror, was rejected from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, Vietnamese software salesman James Nguyen decided to head up to Park City and spend the week driving around in a car plastered with fake blood and stuffed eagles to promote his low-budget "romantic thriller" anyway.

The stunt caught the attention of festival-goer and VICE host Evan Husney who, after watching the film, felt compelled to release it throughout the country. Birdemic opened to massive mainstream media attention and was celebrated by audiences for its every imperfection. Some even hailed it as "the worst movie ever made."

On this episode of OUTSIDER—our web series that delves deep into the minds behind the world's strangest movies—Husney reunites with Nguyen years after the Birdemic phenomenon and finds that the director is still haunted by the film's reception and desperate to restart his career.