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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Hillary Clinton takes a double digit lead in national poll, Colombia will start peace talks with ELN rebels, musicians take a stand against Trump in '30 Days, 30 Songs' series, and more.

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Hillary Clinton at a campaign event in Michigan following last Sunday's second presidential debate. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

US News

Clinton Takes Double-Digit Lead in New National Poll
A new NBC / WSJ poll, the first of the major national surveys since the release of Trump's 2005 "grab them by the pussy" tape, shows Hillary Clinton enjoying an 11 point lead. In a four-way ballot, Clinton leads Donald Trump 46 percent to 35 percent, and in a two-way ballot, the Democratic nominee leads 52 percent to 38 percent. A congressional poll shows the Democrats leading Republicans 49 percent to 42 percent.—NBC News

'Snowden' Actress Arrested at Dakota Access Protest
Actress Shailene Woodley, star of the Divergent series and Snowden, has been arrested protesting the Dakota Access pipeline that will cross Native American land. Livestreaming her arrest, Woodley said she had been singled out "because I'm well-known." Police say she was one of 27 people arrested for criminal trespass and engaging in a riot.—The Washington Post


Wells Fargo Employee Warned Boss About Fake Accounts in 2006
A Wells Fargo bank manager tried to warn the head of the company's regional banking unit of an improperly created account back in January 2006, five years earlier than the bank has said its board learned of abuses at its branches. As many as 2 million improperly created accounts have been discovered in recent months.—VICE News

Judge Extends Voter Registration in Florida
A judge in Florida has extended the voter registration deadline by an additional day because of Hurricane Matthew's impact, allowing people to register through Wednesday. Governor Rick Scott had initially refused to extend the deadline, but US district judge Mark Walker decided it was "wholly irrational" not to extend the deadline.—Tampa Bay Times

International News

Samsung to Permanently Stop Production of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung has announced that it will cease production of the Galaxy Note 7, as reports of the phone catching fire and exploding have continued. It's a massive blow to the South Korean firm, as the premium device was the company's boldest attempt to compete with Apple in the smartphone market.—The New York Times

Colombia to Start Peace Talks with ELN Rebels
The Colombian government has announced it will start formal peace talks with the country's second-biggest rebel group, the National Liberation Army, on October 27. Although the nation recently rejected a peace deal with the FARC rebel group by referendum, President Juan Manuel Santos, recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, said, "Peace won't slip through our fingers."—Reuters


Pakistani Journalist Banned from Leaving Country
A top Pakistani journalist says he has been banned from leaving the country, after he reported a dispute between military and government officials. Cyril Almeida said on Twitter his name was now on an "exit control list." Almeida recently reported the government warned military chiefs to act against homegrown militancy in Pakistan.—The Guardian

Zika Virus Will Spread in Asia, Says World Health Organization
Zika infections are "highly likely" to continue spreading throughout the Asian continent, the World Health Organization has warned. The mosquito-borne virus has been detected in 19 countries in the Asia Pacific region. Hundreds of cases have been reported in Singapore, and two cases of Zika-linked microcephaly have been confirmed in Thailand.—BBC News

Everything Else

Drake Sets AWA Record with 13 Nominations
With 13 nominations at Billboard's annual American Music Awards, Drake has toppled Michael Jackson's 32-year standing record of 11 nominations for the 1984 classic Thriller. The rapper is up for Artist of the Year, Favorite Male Artist, and Favorite Album for his LP Views.—Billboard

German Artist 'Kidnaps' Rosa Parks Home
Berlin-based artist Ryan Mendoza has dismantled the façade of civil rights activist Rosa Parks's former home, set to be demolished, and shipped it to Germany. Mendoza said he "kidnapped" it in order that "America recognize what it has lost."—The Guardian

Kesha and Dr. Luke Battle Over Medical Records
Kesha has asked a judge to slap a protective order on her medical files, according to court papers. She wants to stop Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald from leaking private information during their sexual assault legal battle.—Rolling Stone

Musicians Take a Stand Against Trump
Music stars are joining forces for 30 Days, 30 Songs: an effort to help keep Donald Trump from becoming president. Artists listed include R.E.M., Aimee Mann, Thao Nguyen, and more, with a new political track dropping every day.—Noisey

FBI Hacked Computers in Australia in Child Porn Sting
Motherboard has learned that the FBI hacked computers in Australia in early 2015 as part of a global crackdown on child pornography. The case, codenamed Operation Pacifier, was an investigation into one of the largest ever dark websites and may have leaned on an illegal warrant.—Motherboard

Doomsday Preppers See Trump as an Apocalyptic Sign
A group of Doomsday fanatics in Utah believe John Hyrum Koyle—a turn-of-the-century prophet who dreamed that the Republican Party would die and then the world would end—predicted the rise of Donald Trump in 2016.—VICE