A Day in the Life of a Porn Star Couple
The pair thought it would be fun to stage a sexy, housewife-themed photo shoot in Theo's aunt's house.


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A Day in the Life of a Porn Star Couple

"We haven't made a private sex tape since we got into pornography. These days, if we film it, we sell it."

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"The hardest part of this job is getting your family to accept it. We're lucky because our families have been understanding and supportive from the beginning. We are not hurting anyone, we are just earning our living—most Greeks our age still live with their parents. But we are also each other's family, and getting into porn did not affect our feelings for each other," says one half of Greece's most famous porn star duo, Theo. His on and off screen partner, Ina, sits next to him nodding in agreement.


Theo and Ina began their career six years ago, acting in films made by Greece's most respected porn production company, Sirina Entertainment. The fact that they are also a couple in real life is what distinguished them from other actors, while performing at live sex shows in various strip clubs across Greece was also crucial in promoting their brand. These days, the pair film most of their movies abroad alongside a number of internationally known porn stars, like Kendra Lust. I wanted to know if their love story is as boring as anyone else's, so I got in touch with Theo and I was lucky enough to find that they had just come back from filming in Las Vegas and could spare me a day for an interview.

And so I find myself sat in Theo's aunt's living room in Nea Smirni, Athens. Their own place, in the neighborhood of Patissia, is being renovated so it made more sense to meet here. Ina and Theo have been together for ten years; apparently, they started dating long before their mutual foray into the world of adult entertainment. They first met at a cafe, where the then-18-year-old Ina worked as a waitress. Theo at the time worked at a gas station. "I liked that she was shy," he says. "I kept going back to the same place for the next ten days. I paid her compliments, tried to make smart comments, gave her bigger tips but nothing—she didn't pay me any attention. One day I decided to go up to her and said: 'Please do me this one favor. I want to meet for a coffee, just for an hour. After that, I promise I won't bother you again.' I guess she felt sorry for me cause she agreed to see me, and we've been together ever since."


Ina appears to be truly shy. She seems happy to let Theo do most of the talking, while she sits beside him, smoking. Until I ask whether they are planning to get married, that is: "We were in Las Vegas recently and we did think about tying the knot there but the whole thing was too fake. It felt too forced, so we let it go," she jumps in.

"We've been engaged for a few years now, so of course we think about getting married. But we keep seeing couples who've been together for years, break up as soon as they get married. I believe that marriage spoils a relationship. It's like a collar that asphyxiates you," adds Theo. "We'll marry when we have kids, because that's right thing to do," Ina says firmly, making it clear that that conversation is over.

The couple spend every moment of their lives together. They exercise together, work together, party together, and fish together—which is one of their hobbies. "We're a team. Even when we get job offers, they tend to include both of us, as a package deal," Theo explains. "We didn't plan it, it just happened. And now that's part of our brand." Currently, the pair devote a lot of their free time to reading Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus series.

Their every day schedule is as follows: wake up at 9 AM, run errands, go to the gym, eat, nap, and at around 8 PM leave for the strip club, where the two perform a live sex show every night. That is of course when they aren't shooting, which lately involves a lot of traveling abroad. On Sundays, they'll go for a drink.


However, they do not share the housework—that's Ina's realm. "We've split everything. I do everything around the house and Theo does whatever needs to be done outside the house—groceries, bills, that kind of thing," she says.

"Have you ever made a sex tape?" I ask. "Yes, a long time before we got into movies. It was very good—it's a shame we didn't keep it," Ina reminisces. "I think everyone is curious to see what they look like when they are having sex. Back then, it hadn't crossed our minds to do it professionally," adds Theo. "We haven't made a sex tape since we got into pornography. These days, if we film it, we sell it."

It's time for Theo to make his weekly visit to the supermarket so I tag along, while Ina stays at home to do some phone calls.

– "Do you feel like having sex, after a shoot?" I wonder on the way.

– "It depends. There are times when we are not in the mood. It really depends on who we were filming with, what the role was, the scene, the director… And then there are definitely times when we feel like carrying on at home," he replies.

He goes on to tell me he fell in love with Ina because she is very sweet. "She has never given me a reason to be jealous and she treats me very well. Plus, she lets me fuck other women at work. What more could a man want?" he jokes. "But she nags me a lot, too—most often because she'll have just cleaned the house and I might leave something here or there. That really does my head in."


"I do nag him a lot," Ina admits, when we meet her later at the gym. "But he's very attentive—he gives me everything, and I don't mean material things. What annoys me is that he gets angry very easily and then he takes it out on me, because we're together all the time."

I leave them to their work out, because after that they will need to take a nap so they are fresh for their nightly strip show. These days, they have a contract with Athens Queens—one of the oldest strip clubs in Athens.

Ina in the changing room at Athens Queens

That is where I meet them later, around midnight. In their changing room, we talk about their future. They say they want one or two children, a nice house with a pool and yearly trips to Thailand, which is their favorite destination. They also both agree that their profession has an expiration date and plan on either setting up their own production company or an agency for people working in the industry.

The MC announces the arrival of "two world renowned porn stars" and the pair rush on stage. I wonder about that last tidbit, so I do a quick google search and I find out that I'm an asshole: Ina did recently find herself amongst the final four in the category of "Newcomer Sex Goddess" at the DDF Awards 2016.

After the show, it's time for one last drink before we say goodbye. I am sat on a barstool, surrounded by gorgeous, semi-naked women, listening to Theo describe stage mishaps that happen from time to time (like, falling of a prop chair and injuring his penis) when a friend texts me: "Hey buddy, ask them if size matters," he writes.


—"No, buddy. It does not," Ina winks at me. "You could be hung like a horse but if you don't know what to do with it, a big dick is pretty useless on its own."

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