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A Quebec Company Is Touring Music Festivals and Shooting Pornos with Randoms from the Crowd

"We usually walk around with one or more actresses and we go to a bunch of guys who look fun, and say something like, 'Hey guys, who wants a blowjob!?'"
April 16, 2015, 5:21pm

All photos provided by AD4X Films

Quebec is a global powerhouse in the porn industry. Dubbed the porn capital of Canada and the third-largest producer of porn in the world, we're pretty good at helping people splooge via video. We're also pretty resourceful when it comes to recruitment, as seen with our porn acting academy and porn casting parties.

AD4X Films, a production company known for its controversial (and hilarious) content, has taken this recruitment movement to a whole new level. Led by president Andre de la Seine, the company has been touring around to at least a dozen music festivals in Quebec, holding castings and shooting scenes with random people from the festival in his trailer under the radar of festival organizers. Rockfest, a music festival held in Montebello, Quebec, recently discovered that de la Seine shot a porno during the event. The organizers are interested in taking legal action, although it looks like there's not much they can do.


I recently reached out to de la Seine over the phone to chat about dealing with the criticism, touring around music festivals, and asking random dudes to bump uglies with a pornstar in his trailer.

VICE: Hey Andre, where did you get the idea to do this?
Andre de la Seine: We got a lot of exposure from our police parody, Agente 728, and after winning the $250,000 lawsuit with the Supreme Court, we had people come up to us asking when we would be having a casting. So we did our first casting in a bar, with four porn stars outside in a motorhome. The event was $15. If they were selected, then the participant got to meet one of the porn stars and receive either handjob, blowjob, or full-on sex, but always at the discretion of the actresses. People were coming in and out of the trailer all evening. At one point there was about 12 people in the motorhome, including couples and other female participants. It got pretty smelly in there.

So then you thought, let's take this on the road?
Yeah, well because we had a motorhome rental for a week, we asked ourselves "what are we going to do with this [the motorhome]?" And someone said, "Why don't we go do a casting at the cowboy festival in St-Tite?" So we went to St-Tite, parked the motorhome, picked up some cowboys, and did our thing. Afterwards, we went to Montebello. So that's where we got the idea to do what we do.

Take me through the process of how you go up to people at music festivals and how it goes from there.
We usually walk around with one or more actresses—like, at Rockfest it was Pamela Kayne—and we go to a bunch of guys who look fun, and say something like, "Hey guys, who wants a blowjob!?" Like 25 guys will come over, so we have to go, "Whoa, whoa, we only needed ten!" (laughs). Then we always check if they are 18 with proper ID and, if it works out, then we invite them off-grounds into the trailer and shoot.

So how does the average festival "Joe Blow" compare to a pornstar, performance-wise?
We've had some people that are comparable to LA and European pornstars, but most people are a bit nervous, which is understandable because there's a difference between sitting at home alone with a beer on a Friday night and jerking off in front of the computer, and fucking someone in front of three others guys and two cameras in front of you. However, out of respect, we don't feature these guys in the videos. If someone can't get or keep it up, we respect that. We don't laugh at them. I mean, it's already something that they even showed up. So they leave afterwards, bravo merci.

There was this one time, actually, where a guy couldn't get it up at a casting. He drove three hours from Montreal to a second casting and asked us for another chance. Of course, we said yes, and the second time around he was a total champ. He was so happy, he said, "Oh, I knew the first time it was weird. I didn't know what to expect, but this time it all went so well." Was it because he took a Viagra? I don't know. Was it because he wasn't as drunk as the first time? I don't know. But he was happy. So that's all that matters.


So it's really not hard to find people from all over Quebec who are willing to hop in your RV?
Nope! For one casting, no one showed up for the first few hours. Come 11 PM, we had 396 people in the bar. At one point, some twins who wanted an experience even showed up. The funny part is that most people that show up want to do it "openly." We offer them to wear a mask, but they say, "Hey, I'm doing this once in my life. I'd like to see my fantasy." So a lot of the time, people who are truly interested approach us. If there's a guy who's sitting in a corner not talking to anyone at a casting, obviously we won't go up to him.

What kind of people normally come to the castings that aren't at festivals? Younger, older?
It's funny you ask. At one point, we had a guy who was 18-and-a-half come lose his virginity with a porn star. We've also had a 65-year-old guy whose wife had died two years prior from cancer and whose fantasy was to do a porn scene. He never thought we'd choose him, but we did. He actually performed well. Like really, really well. Maybe it's funny to us, but to him, it really meant something. So we've had people from 18-78 show up at our castings.

So what's been the overall reception of these projects? Are you surprised by other the positive or negative feedback?
It's black and white, really. There are people of either find it super cool, or people like in Montebello and Ottawa who think we really shouldn't be doing this sort of thing. I've said before, it's perfectly legal business, on private grounds between consenting, of-age adults. I'm really taken aback by people who are offended by this kind of thing. Like, if it doesn't interest you, you don't have to watch it. No one's forcing you to watch it on VOD services, and no one is forcing you to sign up on my website. It's a question of free will. Unfortunately, it's the most puritanical people that are vocally against it.

So what's next for you and this project, or is it top secret?
It's top secret! We're working on something for this year, but I can't tell you where. But in terms of our casting events, we've done them multiple times. We've done them in Montreal, St-Hyacinthe… We're planning to do another in Montreal, in Quebec. That's really the basis of what we do. We pick people at random to live out their fantasies of being with a pornstar.

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