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An American Guy Is Going to Jail for Floating into Canada on an Air Mattress

He said he did it to protect his girlfriend.
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
September 9, 2016, 4:30pm

An American man has been sentenced to two months in jail for using an air mattress to float into New Brunswick, Canada, illegally.

John Bennett, 25, made the journey along the St. Croix River last week, floating from southern Maine into St. Stephen, New Brunswick. He reportedly bought the air mattress at a Walmart and then used a wooden paddle to help steer himself. (It's possible he was inspired by 1,500 of his fellow Americans, who accidentally floated into Sarnia while raging in the St. Clair River.)


According to Global, a local saw Bennett and presumably wondered what the hell he was doing.

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"He was wet and carrying his boots … (and) walking toward the town," said Crown prosecutor Peter Thorn in a Saint John courtroom Thursday.

Soon after, Bennett was arrested for failing to appear at the border crossing.

Bennett told the cops that he was rejected from the border earlier because he's been charged with mischief in the US.

Thorn said Bennett was desperate to see his pregnant girlfriend.

"He said she had an ex-boyfriend who was threatening her, but that hasn't been confirmed by the other party," Thorn said.

Despite the jail sentence, both Thorn and the judge presiding over the case seemed to lowkey appreciate Bennett's tactics. Thorn called the air mattress "novel" while the judge said, "Pardon the pun, but it seems to me you wanted to get there, come hell or high water."

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Not a good way to cross a border. Photo via Flickr user Mark O'Sullivan

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