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Guys Don't Care About Safe Sex If the Woman Is Hot, Study Says

Men are apparently more likely to have unprotected sex with a women they were real attractive, regardless of how likely they thought it was that she had an STI.
​Nope, not how you wear it.

It turns out that all those safe-sex campaigns are no match for the promise of doing sex with a real-life attractive woman. According to a small study out of the University of Southampton in the UK, men are way less likely to wrap it up before sex if their partner is a lady they find super hot.

In order to see if attractiveness influenced how men use condoms, researchers rounded up 51 red-blooded straight guys between the ages of 19 and 61 and asked them to rank the attractiveness of 20 different women based only on their black and white photographs. They then asked the men a few invasive questions about their hypothetical intentions with those women in the bedroom, such as if they would use a condom or how likely they thought it was that the woman had an STI.


The study found that men were more likely to consider unprotected sex with the women they found the most attractive, regardless of how likely they thought it was that she had an STI. And perceived STI status had no clear bearing in how men were attracted to women—some men found the "riskier" partners more attractive, while others were more attracted to the women they thought had a clean bill of health.

From a biological procreation perspective, the results make sense, considering that whole survival of the fittest theory or whatever. But from a public health perspective, it suggests that men will pretty much stick it wherever without thinking about the consequences, like catching and spreading those terrifying antibiotic-resistant strains of gonorrhea.

Point is, just use a condom, you dumb horny apes. No one wants to end up like one of the poor souls using vinegar to get rid of a bad case of genital warts.

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