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Read This Post, You Drunken Idiot

We're putting on some more parties for you to embarrass yourselves at.
March 12, 2012, 5:20pm

Not sure if you've noticed, but whenever we premiere a film, announce a new YouTube channel or celebrate the birth of a new issue of our magazine, we enjoy luring you to dark bars where you can get embarrassingly drunk for cheap and then photographing you with a bright, bright flash for our own viewing pleasure. This month, the excuse we found is the launch of our brand new Holy Trinity Issue, and the prominently featured dildo on its cover. Celebrations will kick off in Manchester on Tuesday the 27th of March, heading on to Leeds and Nottingham for the 28th, Bristol and London for the 29th, to finally finish up in Brighton on the 30th. Gabriel Bruce and O.Children will be headlining all events.

Anything else you need to know you can find out here.