How to Watch VICELAND in the UK

Just a handy little guide.
October 7, 2016, 1:01pm

For those of you wanting to know how to tune into our new TV channel, VICELAND, we put together a helpful little guide.

Watching On TV

This is for those of you who not only own a television but have also purchased a way to use said TV to watch TV shows. You only need a basic Sky subscription at minimum.

If this applies to you, then you just need to remember one number to enter into your remote to get to VICELAND: 153


If you have a TV but don't have SKY – or don't have a TV but watch shows on your phone, tablet or computer – then this is the section for you.

You can get VICELAND as part of the Entertainment package offering from NOW TV. Visit here to sign up and start watching


You can also use Sky Go to watch VICELAND as part of your basic Sky package.

So remember, Sky Channel 153 and Now TV. And keep checking back here for more ways to watch, coming soon.


If you're a VICE reader from way back, you might remember the old days of 2011 when our site was VICELAND.com and VICE.com was something entirely different. Well, we're pulling that old URL out of retirement and making it the online home for all things VICELAND.

So if you don't have SKY or Now TV, don't sweat it – while you'll need one of those to watch all of our top drawer programming, you'll be able to watch some TV episodes for free on VICELAND.com, too.

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