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Of Course Slayer's Video for "Pride in Prejudice" Features a Bunch of Nazis Getting Slaughtered

Its features Danny Trejo and is very NSFW.

Image via YouTube

The video trilogy for Slayer's current LP Repentless has been telling a story of revenge and riots and death with grindhouse-theatre intensity and this new one for "Pride in Prejudice" continues the killing spree. Our hapless protagonist and Danny Trejo have been kidnapped by Nazis (natch), and the two have to fight their way out with gory results. Meanwhile, Slayer themselves play in the snowy woods with bleeding amps.

This is very NSFW, but stick around for the Trejo-centric conclusion. Needless to say, this video quells those long-running "Angel of Death" rumors fairly conclusively, too.

Watch the bloodbath below.

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