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Holy Shit! Britney's Back Baby!

Watch Britney grab G-Eazy's crotch.
August 29, 2016, 12:11am

Britney's back and she's still wearing a spangly leotard last seen on a Vegas showgirl called Crystal. Or perhaps she borrowed and bedazzled Borat's mankini. In any case we're always rooting for Brit, in spite of the fact that her miming leaves a little (read a lot) to be desired. It's been nearly a decade since she performed at the MTV VMAs—the last time was "Gimme More" back in 2007 and that was a very tough watch—so it feels like a lot was riding on this performance. Introed by Kim Kardashian West (whose right breast was threatening to escape for the entirety of the VMAs), Britney was joined by G-Eazy (whose crotch she lasciviously grabbed), for a rendition of "Make Me." Was it a triumphant comeback? How many times has she come back at this point? Who cares really. Look how happy she is!