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"Bleed" by Maccie Is About a Lust So Powerful, It Takes Over Everything

Because how else do you make sexual feelings sound different if not by making them dark and scary?

It's tough to write about sexual feelings in a new and cool way these days but… there are methods. Newbie Toronto singer-songwriter Maccie has found one on her new song "Bleed." Instead of going with the expected half-rap or R&B delivery, Maccie commands with an operatic, placid alto but the suddenly whispered "but don't forget to breathe" that leads into the chorus drops the floor out from under the listener. Industrial clangs meet with Atlanta drums, and the gulf between Maccie's heavenly singing and the grinding, ominous arrangement backing her recalls Massive Attack's Mezzanine.


"'Bleed' is about lust. It’s not about the act of sex… It’s about wanting sex. Needing it. Craving it. Obsessing over it," says Maccie. "It is about a sexual experience so powerful that it haunts every interaction I have with anyone else and trumps any and every thought that tries to take precedence in my mind." Stream "Bleed" below.

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