Watch YG, Drake, and Kamaiyah Rap in Moving Lambos for the "Why You Always Hatin" Video

This video is the ultimate flex.
August 15, 2016, 4:10pm

Image via Vevo

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would dislike rappers. They’re well spoken, capable of succinctly expressing life’s darkest moments and making some of this generation’s greatest love ballads. However, a case of envy is certainly understandable after YG’s new video for “Why You Always Hating?”

For a whole four minutes watch as Drake hits the running man in a moving car, Y.G. flexes in a helicopter mid-flight, and Kamaiyah is fed grapes by a harem of beautiful men. What is the running narrative in this video? We don’t know but surely no insurance company was notified of any party's behaviour prior to this video being made. Ty Dolla Sign also appears because excess needs company. Watch the "Why You Always Hatin" video below.