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Experience the Pure Joy of Shelter Dogs Splatter Painting in Slow Motion

Jackson Pollock, chew your heart out.
Images courtesy the artist

Shelter dogs can be artists too, and a new project from a group of artists working for AKQA São Paulo is giving four of these furry friends the big break they need to make it in the art world. Canismo is a short film that features a few creative canines shaking off all the edible, animal-friendly paint they need to make 19 Pollock-esque masterpieces, documenting the process with stunning slow-motion video and high-speed photography.


The idea came during a brainstorming session between Brazilian artists Gabriel Morais, Leandro Bordoni, Hugo Veiga, Diego Machado, and Renato Zandoná whilst looking for a way to make art that would benefit the community. "We knew that sheltered dogs was a cause that needed more attention from our society, especially the media, so we decided to focus on it for our first project," Morais tells The Creators Project. "It began with a conceptual video where a dog would become an artist by shaking colourful ink onto some canvas placed around it. Then we realized that it could be bigger if it was an actual art movement. So we gathered more dogs to create the first art movement made by dogs."

The shelter dogs "selling their work" in the Canismo exibition have already been happily adopted, but 18 of their paintings are still looking for homes. Able collectors can cash in on the canine masterpieces (and put money toward the artists' efforts to find homes for more dogs) at Perestroika's Black Wall Gallery in São Paulo, where they'll be on display from May 9 - June 9, 2015. See the stars of Canismo in the video above and the images below.

Visit the Canismo website to learn more, or adopt your own furry artist from Procure1Amigo here.

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