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Watch a Colorful Short Film Made from Paint, Milk, and Honey

Dive into a liquid paradise in Thomas Blanchard's new short film, 'The Colors of Feelings.'
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A dreamy mix of liquids look like ocean depths, Wonka concoctions, or cosmic vistas—depending on where your imagination takes you—in filmmaker Thomas Blanchard's new experimental short, The Colors of Feelings. Blanchard made the film with household ingredients, mixing milk, honey, paint, oil, and cinnamon to create the beautiful colorscapes that carry you away on a wave of emotional associations.

"The Colors of Feelings is an experimental dreamlike video rocking us smoothly through circular moves. It is also an analogy of feelings such as anger, love, sadness and joy; they mix and eventually ease," he writes in the Vimeo description. Blanchard has also directed 5k timelapses and psychedelic music videos for bands like LEON and Ladybug and the Wolf, all with a knack for captivating the eye. Despite the simple materials, The Colors of Feelings is no different, tapping into the allure of fluid dynamics that artists like Susi Sie, Zolloc, and Kamiel Rogen thrive on.


Watch The Colors of Feelings below:

See more of Thomas Blanchard's work on his website.

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